West London Polo - Westway Sports Centre

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  • Take some pics tonight someone please

  • In. (Jakub)

  • hey, as i need a loaner bike asap, are there any at westway, and if so, could i have one?

  • There are 3 loaner bikes there currently but I'm not sure who owns them.

    It's either RBKC, Bikeworks or Sean (I think one of them is his personal bike and I don't know the agreement between the other two). Your best bet would be to speak to get Matt to ask Sean I guess?

  • rbkc paid for two of them for westway. The red and black one is Sean's one (double brake lever is mine!)

  • maybe its orange and black.

  • grerat to see the turnout today we were shuffling two and a half games at once so must have been a good 15/18 people there. The best bit about it was that amongst those only aufbruch and I have played over about 6 months. Westway=awesome

    @Naomi Its prob best to leave the loaners at westway as they all do get used and it seems like there are ALOT of enthusiastic beginners

    just shows what can happen when you get the council on side

  • I counted 18 when I showed up. We almost need more loaners, lots of people relying on those at the moment.

  • I'm doing a short course until mid-december so my week nights are just too busy right now...but after that the overland will loop round from SE to SW Ldn so if we get a mild winter, I reckon Westway will be my winter polo spot.

  • I counted 18 when I showed up. We almost need more loaners, lots of people relying on those at the moment.

    Anyone take some photos?

  • I said I was coming this week but it turns out I can't today :(. Send my apologies to the Westies..

  • cant come tonight, sorry westies! have fun x

  • I'm out too, going north

  • I'm in.

  • This is from Henry, who runs the lunatic grass polo session on the big astroturf football pitch at Westway.
    His email address is henry AT robertfraser DOT co DOT uk for anyone that is interested in going along

    Dear All,

    I have been unable to get a space on the 11 a side pitch all summer due to the Olympics and regular bookings, but finally we have a slot for a game before winter kicks in!

    We have the whole pitch for 90 minutes next Saturday 17th November from 15:30.

    Please confirm if you want to play, I will need at least 8 confirmations.

    The cost will be decided when we know how may takers there are, it will not be less than £10.

    Once confirmed you will be on the hook for a minimum of £10.

    Let me know asap!


  • Anyone on here still going to Westway regularly / semi-regularly? Or been recently?

  • Is there any interest in starting a wests non beginners night? (as in a night not aimed at beginners rather than not allowing them)

    Jacob said hes seen a good floodlite court, I think at least by spring time there should be another west night for people to graduate to?

  • Why would you want to use another court? It's cheap enough to hire between 6.

  • I'd definitely be up for another west night and wouldn't mind chipping in to get the court and goals.

  • I'd be up for hiring westway too.

    Wasn't certain if paying (even a small amount) might put some off.

  • be good to get it some dry weekend day. I'd come over for it. Court and goals are awesome.

  • Is westway still alive and kicking?!? I'm coming home from uni for the holidays and would love to get some games in!!

  • Yep, still going afaik. I reckon there are two Thursdays left before the sessions run out.

    Not sure if RBKC are going to renew them. From Vit and Jakub's description it sounds like there's still a decent crowd showing up every week. Aufbruch might have some more information.

  • sorry my fellows westies for not showing much recently... been busy but next thursday ill definitely be there!

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West London Polo - Westway Sports Centre

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