Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Ha, I'd like to see someone park that in central London.

    My guess it ends up in Vegas doing stag/hen do's with an interior mostly consisting of booze, cocaine and vomit.

  • Thanks but these are metal.
    I have had my son in law print some clips and brackets, one I had the file for the others I made drawings for him to work from, sketched on A4 :)

    Below are the sunroof panel clips and they worked fine.

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  • This is amazing. All elements - the idea, the process (that drawing is a work of art), and the execution.

  • Cheers Nef, Technical Drawing was my best subject at school and started A level engineering to become a draftsman, but binned it for the motor trade two months in :D

  • too big to even get a shot in frame. it's hideous. In a good way

  • See Chris Harris selling his GT3 and having a bitch about how Porsche Reading have treated him, that whole allocation of limited models, especially Porsches, looks so toxic. It’s just dick swinging isn’t it, not about getting the best car but being in the good graces of your favourite marque, lame.

  • Chris Harris is the worst. Born in to tons of privilege and constantly petulant about how it’s not fair that he hasn’t got more of it.

  • Yeah I do find it incredibly grating how he’s always low-key preaching about how a string of boring cars are all you need in life; easy to say when you’ve got M5s and GTs in the garage mate.

    I mean there is a lot to be said about the simple joy of a Toyota truck or a 90s 5 series touring but then don’t go wetting your cargo shorts about not getting a GT4

  • he’s always low-key preaching about how a string of boring cars are all you need in life; easy to say when you’ve got M5s and GTs in the garage

    Yep. It’s true of course, things don’t make you happy. Maybe I’ve misjudged him and he’s started his spiritual journey and is just an Eckhart Tolle lecture away from enlightenment.

  • Well, that went well. After 21 years of ownership within her 35 years Eva the Evo covered a grand total of around 2500 miles per year.

    She went to a good home and will dwell among her spiritual family. The new owner is an obsessive M-Head with an E28 M5, an E39 M5 and an E36 M3.

    Not a remotely sad day and genuinely happy to have moved her on to a friendly environment...

  • That comment is so dripping in petrol that it's ended the thread.

  • The E30 M3 is a 4 cylinder economy car.

    The thread only ends when Dammit gets an LM002.

  • That guy’s living in a dream world. It’s been on the market and off the market for about five years…

    Current issue is what to buy next

  • E9x M3 is looking really good about now, I've driven a few and my dad's got one and I love them.

  • I can thoroughly recommend V12 Aston Martins. Manual V12 Vantages are coming into tempting price brackets now. Either that or scratch any V8 or V12 Ferrari itch you have before such things are banned.

  • I expect to see that in the Golf Club thread any moment now.

  • Am I right in thinking that if the car won't start with the battery charging, it's not the battery thats the problem? (Battery did seem a bit dead according to the charger)

  • I’d say no. Battery may not have enough charge to start the car. May be the battery has died. Does it sound weak when you turn the key? Like it’s struggling?

  • Not sure - if battery is completely FUBAR it might not deliver enough current to the starter motor even if it's on charge? Can you hear the solenoid click when you turn the key?

  • yeah, its all pretty classic 'dead battery' symptoms, I just thought that when the battery is currently charging, you can sort of jump start off the mains. still wouldnt do that, so wondering whether it's something else rather than the battery being borked. Plus I'm sure batteries should last longer than 7ish years. Engine was shaking all over the joint trying to start, it wasnt pretty.

    OH got the train in the end so I'll have a play around when I get back.

  • Didn't think about listening for the solenoid, will try that later

  • Sounds like battery and I think 7 years is ok. Best say that I’m not a mechanic.
    I have no experience to trying to start a car whilst it’s on charge. My feeling is that it won’t work but someone here will know for definite.
    If you could borrow a battery to try it that should give you the answer. Buy a new battery if it’s the issue - and they are not cheap any more.

  • It won't 'jump start from the mains'. You need to let the battery charge and then try.

    The charger needs to refill the amps in the battery. Depending on the charger it may be adding a few amps per hour, a car battery might need 150amps depending on the size of the engine so it takes a few hours.

  • Also, can you push start it? Plan ahead to ensure if it doesn’t start you have somewhere to park it. Speaking from a lot of experience 😂😂

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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