Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Nice I will have a look. Going to the ring in April so will have to see what I do after that but I would love to do Cadwell.

  • This is quite possible. When I think of the changes Citroën/Peugeot had to do to the 2.0 HDi engine to make it Euro 5 compliant, I don't suspect there would be a lot of room left to make it meet Euro 6 without reducing its performance in some way. In my Euro 5 Citroën it is 163bhp, and a good strong engine, but the newer BlueHDi versions are only 150bhp.

  • Since we are getting all our car woes off our chest. My Audi A4 Avant's AdBlue pump has decided to die, what does this mean? I can't restart the car after 500 miles. Its all covered under warranty... but one part needed is on back order with no concrete date, so I just can't really use it. The cost of the job is near £2000 (thank the lord for warranty). I'm almost tempted to get the car back and delete the AdBlue from the ECU until the parts come available. I always do things above board but this takes the piss.

  • greenmotion who are on the trickier side of them to deal with

    Just to fill out greenbanks comments, they are pure cunts of the highest order.

  • Send Avon tuning an email for some advice re the remap and dpf, they have a good reputation.

  • thanks all - will shoot some emails about.

  • Nice! What are you taking to the Ring? Have you been before?

  • Nah its my first time. Excited as I have wanted to go for ages.
    Going with a few mates and there is a £500 limit on the car you can buy to take so I got a MK1 Hyundai Coupe.

  • I wouldn't be doing anything that Audi could use to squirm out of a warranty claim. Just push for a loan car until the part arrives and the repair is done.

  • Yeah very good point, I'll just let it run its course. We have an old golf which we are using at the moment, I miss sport mode and getting out of junctions like a missile :(

  • It’s your car dude, but really?

    You’ve paid a bunch of money for a premium car with a warranty, both things are useless and you’re OK with that?

  • It's such an amazing place, I'll never forget my first ring laps. I'm not sure I'd want to take a £500 shitter, but you do you.

    If you have any mechanical issues, go see The Crown Performance, I've got a mate who used to live and work there and they'll help you out for sure.

    It's a fair old walk but if you start at Brunnchen and walk backwards to Bergwerk you get a real mix of high and low speed corners. Inside of Karussel and outside of Steilstrecke are two of my favourite viewing points, the good drivers/cars come absolutely fucking flying round the right hand kink before Steilstrecke and then brake hard before the hairpin and you get a great view.

    Also Adenaur Forst because it's always comedy and stand at Flugplatz to see cars going over the jump.

  • I had my mini in for a clutch earlier in the week (happy new year) & the garage owner said they were having real problems getting certain parts from BMW & Audi to the extent he was turning people away - one he mentioned was a 2016 BMW, no genuine clutches available with no eta on delivery & no pattern parts available either which surprised me a bit ...

  • I don't use a car to commute, so a loaner would just sit around most of the time. The warranty is fine, it is various world events which are seriously affecting particular parts at the moment. The car was bought used so fairly fortunate that it has a good warranty, some people out of warranty have to either pay £2000 or delete the system and risk a fine.

  • Yeah that's what I've been told, hopefully main dealers can get things a bit sooner.

  • I very much admire your level of reasonableness.

    Just to check you know - if a used car bought from a dealer breaks, isn’t useable and they can’t repair it in a reasonable time you can hand it back and get a refund so long as you’ve had it less than 6 months.

  • ah shit dude. sorry to see this.

    though makes me feel better about the 600 notes I needed to spend to get my 20yo bimmer a ticket. still works out very economical compared to the alternatives. 9000 miles in that banger last year.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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