Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I assume it was the MG ZS, not the SV then?

    Subtly different things.

  • Considering that the price of a Holland and Holland Range Rover is a minimum of £140k and the cost of a pair of their shotguns is a minimum of £200k, it is likely that the owner:

    A). Is a cunt.

    B). Won't give a flying fuck about a parking ticket.

  • Got some roof bars so outback and no key lock. Is this a lock (that I didn't get the weird generic key for) ?

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  • What is Holland and Barrett, a gunmaker? This is a gunpeople x 'Rangie' collab?

    Edit: there's someone at work with Beretta stickers and a similar gunny (Jeremy!) type numberplate, but appears that's nothing.

  • Holland & Barrett sell snake oil, sorry, "supplements".

    Holland & Holland make guns.

    All Rage Rovers are shit.

  • I think it's the space where you can fit a lock barrel should you wish to - the plastic cap pops off. I have some Thule that are similar, never bothered getting the locks

  • Ahh that makes sense, thanks.

  • ULEZ extension coming in for Aug '23. That's a bit shit.
    As I think I've said before, when it came out to the South Circular we leased a small EV but kept the family workhorse (elderly diesel S-Max). If we'd known at the time it would be extended so soon we would have made a different decision - got rid of the S-Max and gone for a bigger electric.
    Can't quite believe it's going to cost £12.50 a time to go to the tip.

  • Sold my 182, and decided to bring the Golf out of storage and down to London.

    Not sure how soundly I'll sleep with it parked in the streets of Hackney.

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  • But you’ll be awake knowing you’re the raddest dude on the block. Worth it.

  • I had these exact bars they are very good. That is the lock circled.

    This is the what the key is like. There will be a number on it somewhere, then just do a search on ebay and you will find a replacement.­roof-bar-key.26762/

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  • Love this, currently thinking about selling our Golf MK5 TDI for something a bit more fun (we have another sensible family car). Was thinking an MX5 MK1 with pop up headlights but now need something with four seats...

  • Ace thanks!

    Yes a good 2nd hand bargain, with ski mounts too

  • ULEZ extension coming in for Aug '23

    Balls. Knew this was coming but won't lie, it's pretty upsetting to think Saab life will likely cease by the end of summer. Owned and carefully looked after for more than 10 years.

  • I removed a screw from my tyre, doesn't appear to be losing pressure. Carry on? Or could this cause a weak spot?

  • How long? CHances are it was just sitting in the tread. Car tyres are made up of various layers of various materials, so long as it didn't go through all the thread layers and into the carcase then IMO your probably fine*

    *I'm not a tyre engineer.

  • I think I would have taken the chance, but it was taken to the garage this afternoon and they decided it should be replaced. Fortunately the lease deal I have includes 1 x spare tyre (hooray).. unfortunately somehow the EPKB has now failed, perhaps they knocked a sensor while changing the wheel (boo).

  • Tyres sensors are a PITA, was at a tyre place recently and they mangled one as for some reason their little brains didn't click that a 2020> german car would probably have one inside/strapped to the wheel. Not my car, but could hear the customer basically explaining in various ways to the tyre fitters how they would be paying for their pretty daft error.

  • ULEZ extension coming in for Aug '23.

    Proper shit... I have an Audi A4 Quattro Avant with a lot of miles left that just gets used for long family trips. Does anyone think there may be a U-turn on this?... cost of living, blah

  • I don’t think so.

  • If it's just used for occasional long trips, would the daily charge be that prohibitive for you?

  • Winter tyres and all terrain in good use these days. Did have a slide on some ice but hooked back up before the armco.

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  • If it's just used for occasional long trips, would the daily charge be that prohibitive for you?

    We live about 200 yards just inside the current one. Our neighbours started off thinking like this. I think initially they thought it was quite fun to try to find the routes to avoid the camers for local journeys, but after about six months they got fed up and bit the bullet.

  • I'm keeping my van despite having to pay £12.50 every drive. So far I've paid about £150. Not too bad considering the extension happened a year ago. I'm just inside the ulez zone. I just don't drive it much and the cost of upgrading to ulez compliance is thousands.

  • A mate did the same with his vans. In fairness I think they also passed the cost on.

    I guess it depends what = occasional

    To me that's 4-5 trips pa. Which is what, ~£100 pa? One pm at £600 feels like it's starting to add up, but is not in the grand scheme of things a huge amount for the convince. Especially if the current car works and is a known level of quality/reliability.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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