Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I'm looking to sell my Viano, imported from Singapore and arrived 6 months ago, same spec as UK one apart from 3.5v6 petrol engine which I don't think they sold here?
    Really clean underneath since it's not seen any UK winter/Salt on the roads. ULEZ compatible and £285 road tax due to being an import.
    Let me know if anybody is interested, I'm hoping to get £12k but it's a hard one to price

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  • Oops. (Only 'grale I'll ever own) 😁

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  • I bought a leggy F31 330d a few months ago. Not Ulez compliant.
    A car that's good at everything but not great at anything.
    Spec is a nightmare with used F31s. The standard halogen lights pre LCI are dreadful.

  • Ah jeez, even the f31 330d isn’t ULEZ? That’s mad. Is the facelift ULEZ?

  • Can you do HID upgrade on these. My pre LCI E91 has had it done for the same reason.

  • The 330d LCI is Ulez and some of the pre LCI 335d!

  • On the endless list of things to do. Upgraded bulbs as a starter. No doubt will be an awful job.

  • If changing a smashed foglight lens on my F36 was anything to go by, you're fucked :-D

  • I used to prefer an RB over a JZ, but a few mates have had a lot issues with RBs recently so I'm feeling JZ reliability and strength.

    Also, RWD is more fun than AWD.

  • Why my new car is currently a three wheeler

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  • That certainly doesn't look like it will polish out.. If it's any consolation I checked the fault codes on my Leaf this evening and it probably needs a brace of new water pumps.

  • Well, in conciliatory car stories. I have to spend $3000 to replace a failed airbag ECU in my 2015 Audi, just after spending $3000 on replacing the dual mass flywheel and front brakes.
    Basically sucks up my car funds for doing anything fun.

  • Woah that is dark

  • Jeez i thought it was old cars that were going to be expensive..

  • I think the key thing is where you draw that line- for a car company 5 years makes it old and 10 years makes it out of support.

  • I have to spend $3000 to replace a failed airbag ECU

    Is that for a new part? If the part is shared across a few Audi models you might get lucky at a breakers yard 🤞

  • Built in obsolescence innit. ‘It’s going to cost £6k to repair you car sir. Or just give us it as a deposit and you can PCP a nice new one for just £400 a month.’

    This is why I only own knackered old cars. They make me miserable for other reasons than money.

  • To make me feel smug and put the kybosh on it, my SC430 has cost me nothing but servicing money in the last 3 years. Not a daily though. The headlights are grey all through the plastic, so won't polish out, a new pair is £1200. May treat it over the winter.

  • Sotto Zero 3- they’re runflats, anyone used them and know what they’re like comfort wise?

  • Unfortunately I have already tried a second hand unit, flashed to 'virgin' status but it wouldn't accept the new coding so a new Audi part is the only way. Being sent from Germany down here to Australia... 4 weeks.

    On the plus side, I have been ragging my 308 around the south coast of NSW and enjoying some great roads. It's a bit noisy and harsh as a permanent family car, but damn it is fun.

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  • And to think, my old 306 cost about 2 grand to run for 5 years... Not one electrical component issue in a 20 year old French hatch. Old cars for the win.

    I'm actually tempted to find an old 504 estate.

  • Everything's expensive.

    I've got to get the DSG and Haldex serviced alongside the major service tomorrow, these were things I did consider when purchasing, but hadn't considered that all 3 would align at the same time.

    Modern(ish) RWD with full auto rather than 4WD with auto dual clutch makes more sense from a "things to go wrong" and "cost to service" standpoint.

  • Every runflat I have driven on has been horrible, uncomfortable and has a tendency to tramline. This is particularly bad in lower tyre profiles. The oe tyres on my Z4 were especially nasty, replacing them with decent tyres made a night and day difference. Punctures are a comparatively rare occurrence.

    Forgot to say; the grip on runflats tends to be shit due to reduced sidewall flex.

    I suppose the tradeoff is that runflats might save your life if you have a blowout travelling in a straight line, normal tyres might save your life by not letting go on a bend. Which happens more, blowouts or bends?

  • dude would be awesome if you could find an old 504 estate. just never see them anymore on the road here. though see very few cars from that era.

  • I inherited the family's old 405 turbodiesel estate when in had 180k on the clock. Eventually the gearbox gave up at 210k miles but before then it was just so robust.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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