Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • And now to lower the tone somewhat.

    Headlights, front bumper, and all glass stripped. Just need to weld up a battery holder for the back seat, move a bit more of the loom, increase the centre bore on the 15 inch e36 wheels for grass track tyres to fit the annoyingly oversized e39 hubs. Oh and bolt a big plate over the driver’s door. Safety innit!

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  • Hi all. Sorry for not having been on here for a long while. Life priorities have changed for me, it’s all good but means I’d like to sell my car and just don’t know where to start. Here was always good and knowledgeable people.

    It’s a 2008 550i touring SE spec with factory N62 4.8i V8 and 6-speed manual box. 112k and FSH. 6 months MOT and it’ll have a fresh oil service.

    Needless to say the spec is very rare. 3 according to how many left. Most of these (and all the M5s) had the flappy-paddle smg auto box. Most also had M-sport body kit which I think dates the classic bangle shape.

    It’s massively specced inside too, leather and goodies and with pano roof. It’s in pretty good shape, some little scuffs to sort and front discs and pads will need doing soon.

    I think it’s worth £12k or so but I just don’t know what the market’s like for executive uberbarges just now. Any thoughts? Any interest just head into my dms. Thanks X

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  • Lush.

    This manual 550 made £9,300 last month:­008-bmw-550i-se-individual-nQQqRn

    Sounds mintyminty and nice miles but it’s a saloon and you can’t get fuck all bikes in a saloon. I’d try £12k, then reduce it to £10k if it doesn’t go / you get desperate.

  • Thanks, that’s useful to know @Hefty - looks like I’m ballpark then. Might try pistonheads and a couple of forums before the dreaded flea bay.

  • In a completely unrelated situation, does anyone have £10k lying around that they fancy giving me?

  • No worries. I lusted after the brown one. I used to rock an E39 540i touring manual as a younger man, loved that car. Bet the 550i is even better. Skidz4dayz.

  • Jokes aside, it looks wicked. And the time left to have a big daft ICE car is waning. Got to be a half decent market for something like that. GLWS.

  • @Soul did you have a link to the alloy covers(?) you were using on your car?

  • Think these are the ones I have but any of these should be fine as long as they're for the Model Y / 19inch wheels.

  • Little update on my E30 Touring gradually getting closer engine, clutch and box together and mounted on the front subframe ready to go up, this engine is so big it was easier to go up from underneath on pallets

    Sitting pretty

    Mazda RX7 four pot calipers back on the front.

    New rear brakes on

    Propshaft and heatshield on.

    Sitting much better with the weight back in it

    Love this exhaust from Kevin at Zero Exhausts in Bethersden :banana:

  • Nice work!! Is this a new one or have you repainted the Grey/Silver one? I feel like I've missed something along the way here.

  • It's my 335i one purchased 2015, went in for paint last August, I have been rebuilding it on my days off since February, might be confused because I still have the Lach silver 318i as well :)

    335i full album on Flickr­nut/albums/72157658921371883

  • I didn't realise you were rebuilding it! Looks excellent and I love the paint choice.

  • Great looking cars those! Meant to be a qoute but the bmw 3series that is.

  • Wasn't @Dammit after a V8 of some description...

  • Perfect for 'End of World' kicks non?

  • Someone has cloned my plates and is bowling around without a care in the world whilst hackney council sends me two or three fixed penalty notices a day.

    Is it worth just getting a new plate?­es says they have some nondescript ones for 39 pounds.

  • "plate transfer fee of £80" also required

  • Yeah I just saw that.

    Still, 150 bucks could be worth it, depending on how long this is going to go on for / whether the various authorities believe me or not. Have read various horror stories about it going on for 18 months / bailiffs at the door / etc.

  • That's true of all plates - DVLA cost.

    I would also buy direct from DVLA - the ones you linked to are probably just for sale there with a small markup from the middleman....

  • How can you transfer the old reg though? Sure you can put a new one on your car but can you just "retire" the old one? Won't the authorities still come for you as last known owner? Not trying to be negative, I'm just not sure how it would work.

  • No idea. I assumed that once you buy new plates your old plates are no longer valid? Can't have two regs for the same car surely.

    No idea about personalised plates. Have never had any interest in them.

  • Spotted these retro ev's at work earlier - no idea what they are or what kind of drive they're using but I want one

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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