Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • My van is a 2.1 turbo diesel- between 30-40 mpg depending on how much stop start and what speed on the motorway.

    Cruise on the motorway at the sort of speed that will have artic’s overtaking you and you’ll get 60mpg- but ain’t no one got time for that.

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  • E39 m5?

    Watch him on youtube, E39 restorations, serious attention to detail

  • I know burning petrol isn't exactly a clean process, but man that's nasty. Thanks for the warning. I presume petrol vans, for mainly short journeys, aren't a thing?

  • They are are but I think they tend to have larger engines. VW do them but I think they're closer to 3l

  • VW do them

    So £15k+ for a 20 year old one then?

  • Hah, aye probably not far off :/

  • To be fair, I had a diesel Peugeot expert van for a while, and while I wasn’t a fan of the van as a whole, it got to temp a lot faster than the diesel Ford Transits I drove. I guess my point is that there must be vans out there more specifically designed for short journeys - it’s a massively common requirement.

  • What speaks volumes to me is that autotrader van has 40000 vans for sale - only 600 of those are petrol.

  • Just can’t catch a break with that Alpina tho!

  • The same thing can happen with petrol. I have a 5 mile commute and used to come home at lunch and my car then developed this start/stop then eventually completely stopped. I pulled the breather hoses apart and it was full of what looked like really good mayonnaise

  • Absolutely, think it may come good though, now that the Alpina Boss is involved.

    Mind you the Alpina Boss will need good press after the block was found to just to be a renumbered standard one.

  • Thing I found confusing was that the bore material was Alusil on both the stock 4.8 and the Alpina “special” block, or am I misremembering and it’s Nikasil for the 4.8 which is why Sretan thinks it won’t score like the Alusil Alpina?

  • I can't recall the details and will never need them, so just catch the headlines. However, what impresses me about him, as well as his attention to detail, is the admittance when he is wrong and how upfront he is when getting information from elsewhere.

  • You should get a Porsh m8

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  • Kop Hill Climb at Princes Risborough today

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  • Some more

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  • Last set for now. The McLaren speedtail was gorgeous, modern supercars leave me cold usually but this was something else. The red thing was a speed record breaker from the 20s with a 15 litre airship engine, the steam punk vibe was strong. Made a hell of a noise going up the hill

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  • So many rad cars there - thanks for posting!

  • It's on all day tomorrow as well, highly recommended

  • I looked. I looked again. I thought ‘that’s a Maxi’. I zoomed in. It’s a Maxi. My eyes hurt! No words ….

  • Rally Maxi! What's not to like :)

  • Have some Ferraris to balance it out

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  • The word Maxi seems to make me feel funny and not in a good way. My father had one - it really was a shed. If I didn’t have experience of it, it wouldn’t be an issue. The words ‘rally maxi’ make me queasy

  • This is the new BMW M2.

    It’s amazing how far they’ve fallen in a single generation. Fuck ugly.

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  • Someone on Reddit said it looks like a GTA version of a BMW; trying to get really close without getting sued.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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