Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • After looking at silly cars for a silly amount of time, it still feels like a 182 is actually the weekend car I’m after (I just need to make the extra money for it not to be an absurd expense, lol).

    How was running it, fairly economical as a fun car? Phaser pulleys and other maintenance stuff manageable?

  • I'm not getting in trouble for crossposting adverts, but, 2.5tdi auto, no MOT, expired in 2020 and hardly moved since, had advisories in 2019 for pads and shock absorber, 140k odd on the clock, so low miles for 24 years, engine rebuilt at 98k, water and fuel pump belts done at 130ish. Up for £700, no idea if that's reasonable as they're never for sale to compare.

    More importantly, I need to replace it with something similar but more ruinous, any recommendations?

  • Where are you?

  • What is the current car to give us an idea of size?

  • As much as I dislike her car, my partner's Aygo is cheaper to run than my motorbike. C1/Peugeot 107 are the same car.

  • Stick the volvo on and it will sell in a heartbeat. EDIT I see you already have

  • Current is a Focus . Temporary car can be smaller that that though

  • Thanks , had taken a look at a few aygos on auto trader . Most local private sales seems to have optimistic prices attached though . What don't you like about it?

  • My view when buying a cheap car is ideally try to find one where you know or have some connection with the owner.

  • Have some relatives who change cars regularly. Have asked them for any contacts they have....

    One of my partner's family has a full on workshop with inspection pit , lathe , compressors etc . Restores old motorbikes and has a endless rotation of project cars

  • Good shout, there are a couple listed locally-ish too . Thanks

  • The Citroen and Peugeot versions are usually a bit cheaper.

    I'm too big to fit in it comfortably and like to be able to get at least one bike in the boot. Hers also doesn't have AC, but as a cheap transport method it's perfect.

  • Thanks for the explanation, added to the list of cars to check out

  • Yeah - it’s currently sold out. Maybe I’ll just wait

  • Re. A2s. Parts can be an issue and some are madly expensive - if you can get them. Great car though and I think they were all manufactured at a loss by Audi.

  • Ok, so I should shop on condition and pick between an early 1.6 or late 1.8. I'd much prefer something without PAS, aircon and Electric windows. But love the British Racing Green paint on the later cars. An LSD would be nice too.

    It'd only be used for driving around Epping/Essex every other week, so coilovers and breathing mods would make it fun enough I think.

  • It's the best car I've ever had - super reliable, and great fun to drive.

    The parts are cheap, so you get the satisfaction that comes from using genuine OEM parts for all maintenance and repairs. I had the aux belt done 2 years ago at a cost of £180, and the 5 year cambelt service is due next November at £500. Otherwise it's almost free motoring.

  • Does anyone have recommendations for a decent indie VAG servicing place? Got a service due on the Skoda and it's at 38k miles so thinking of doing the DSG service too. I'm in N16, but I can travel.

    I haven't really owned many modern cars so I usually do servicing myself but want the reduced hassle of taking it somewhere, but then that creates hassle of finding somewhere reliable and not over-priced.

  • Shop on condition for sure.

    I'd say get an import, they mostly have PAS, aircon, and electric windows, but they come with the benefit of an LSD.

    Having owned completely stripped out track cars, I'd say if you're just bopping about and going on the odd trackday, then PAS, aircon, and electric windows are worth the weight penalty.

    ITBs are not an easy mod on these cars, they're expensive and a faff, so it's easier to buy one with a conversion already done.

  • I used Autocraft last time for the Cupra and they were good, didn't need DSG service. Bit out of the way for you in SE18 though.

  • Has Snoop Dogg moved to Dulwich?

    The cream coloured wheels are utterly hideous, but those aside I love this for the sheer ridiculousness of it, sat there in 2 postcodes at the same time, a 1976 Cadillac Coupe Deville. The inscription on the rear quarter is 'lowlife' haha.

  • I'm theory id only have car 3 months, so hopefully no parts needed

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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