Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • The least surprising thing I've read in ages, though I'm quite biased and thoroughly hate touch screens in cars.

  • I believe part of the problem is turnover. Innovation must give new product development regardless of whether it works for GDP. See curved TVs

  • Country pub outing last night with daughter on way back from Henley after picking up the GTV from service, Mot and the three yearly cambelt change. God I love that car.

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  • Bizarrely clear pic. 😀 Car looks well

  • That's because I didn't take it.
    Car is going really well, clean bill of health and I am using it more as I realised that had only done 900 miles between MOT .
    In that spirit I am taking her over to the classic motor hub at bibury tomorrow to look at the Alfaholics car they have for sale.

  • So there isn’t anything wrong with the camera 😂😂😂
    Have a great weekend. Drive safely

  • There is some wierd old bloke standing by your pretty car.

    Tell him to move next time.

  • In the 4 years I have had her that is only the second photo of me with my car.

  • Pretty car ;)
    Yeah usually the one taking the photos..

  • The spider? I’ve been around castle Combe in that. Epic.

    Their pricing is questionable - have a look and see what they paid for it at auction

  • Thanks mate , they are getting to be a less common sight now. If anything I have been too prissy about using it/ leaving anywhere.
    But a guy in Abingdon where I live has one that has done 146000 miles and he uses it every day and even taught his son to drive in it.
    Mines only done 40000 miles. It’s not perfect but it is fucking lovely.

  • Looks great. Even today, the design is compelling.

  • My pug 308 GTi 270 was in the workshop this week. At 36,000 kilometres the front shocks were gone. The front left in particular was so bad the shaft was knocking about completely loose. KYB manufactured... Anyway, I had to refit OEM replacements but they were cheap and available. Fancy replacements will happen in time. Also had to flush the gearbox and LSD and new full synthetic put in. The old stuff was black... Which I've never seen in gearbox oil.

    However, the car is transformed. The ride is how it should be, fluid and comfortable but firmly controlled. Amazing considering it's a 1200kg car running on 19"s. Gearbox is nice and quiet too. Luckily I'm mates with the guy runs the workshop so could help out and save a little money.

    Also learned I'm terrible at buying used cars. Didn't pick the failed suspension until two months after buying the car... Just thought it was harsh!
    The offending beast:

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  • Black gearbox oil, sure there isn't an additive that PSA add, is the gearbox the LSD as some get noisey and some additives to make it quieter .

    The gear oil in the X type should have been red if never changed but came out dark and almost dark chocolate colour! But then it is the ford MTX75 box so motor oil is the best thing for it in europe.

  • Might have been. From the factory they had an additive, but since then they have changed the recommendation to use a specific full synth gearbox oil. It's much quieter that it was that's for sure.

  • Spotted this very nice 1955 Austin Healey today, don't think I've seen one with black wire wheels before. Love the minimal aero windscreen that just makes it look like a dog hanging its head out of a speeding cars window.

    Also saw this earlier in the week, great for smashing through Mad Max style road blocks. It also looks epic fun to fill with friends, and with a huge LFGSS style bike pile on the roof just head off across Europe....finding a parking space in London is no picnic though.

  • They’re both sublime, just in very different ways.

  • Nice Healey.
    Prefer the '82 Porsche 924 parked behind it tho.

  • Always fancied a 924, not seen one for years though.

  • Followed this beauty for a few miles today. (Pics taken by my passenger) (Mark on the wheel arch is actually on my window)

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  • This is not a photoshop...and it is for sale

  • Thanks for that.
    Can’t unsee it now and that’s sure to keep me awake at night worrying about the people who would.
    A. Buy it.
    B. Use it.

  • Alps to home.

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  • Had a few hire cars and a van this month, all with touch screens where most functions you HAVE to use the touch screen. Absolute hell unless you are driving on glass smooth roads, i.e. whilst trying to get it from FM radio to the already paired android phone, skipped a pothole and mashed some other part of the screen = somehow turned on all the interior lights, at night. Had to pull over to figure it out and turn them off (pressing button on roof they'd turn off, then immediately turn back on again).

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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