Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Its very annoying but i was there in the shop and i know these new wheels are for a maserati ghibli only the 94 and not my 93. According to maserati in italy the center bore should be the same as my current 93 wheels also made by OZ.

    That is odd. But it is where you are now. Maybe a little polishing of the wheel center bore or some one with a lathe to confirm the same amount is all round if you are worried.

    The center bore doesn't hold the wheel on the nuts/bolts hold the wheel on to the hub.

    One for later but can the wheel place balance the wheels on the car, on a few have had issues with balance on the car but the wheels were perfectly balanced off the car. With a little variation between spacers, hub, disc, bolts and studs caused odd vibration. Balancing on the solved this issue.

  • The centre bore of the rim can easily be enlarged. Any engineering workshop or wheel renovation shop could do it. I wonder if the wheels have been powder coated in the past and they didn't cover the bore? That would change the bore with a thick layer of paint.

  • I didn't know there was such a thing as a VW SP2, bu there's one for sale­18

    Has the performance of a Beetle. Maybe a 914/6 would fit....

  • Good to know i think i have found a place that can enlarge the bore and they can also rebuild futura rims to shallower or wider as well as making new bcd and et.

    So it can definetly be fixed, just a matter of cash ha.

    Hopefully they can just open the bore .5 mm on the front and they can fit the wheel as is (possible narrower tire) with wiggle bolts and then a spacer for the rear in a size that makes the existing tire and rim work in the wheelhouse or perhaps with a narrower tire.

    That would be ideal from here on. As it would fall in acceptable money (i think..) Making a futura rim less wide and with a different et and possibly new bcd sounds expensive.

    Pity i dont like the original wheels much as it would likely be a better option to just have them refinished and some new rubber. Its just something about them that makes the whole car look a bit flat (also not a fan of the f1 style fake center hub design).

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  • Cheers thats good to have confirmed. According to the guy who had them he bought them new from uk and drove a couple of hundred kms and by the look of them and the tires it seem accurate as they look more or less new. He just sold them because he got a set of the ghibli cup wheels.

  • My 228 had a mix of 5.5 and 6j rims. Well one 5,5j on the rear and 5j spare. Masserati never listed 5j in that model Handling was fine till I noticed.

    O.5 of a mm is paint after a refurb without the right masking.

  • Brazilian VW thing, quite a few appear at uk shows.

    In irrelevant news had a 6 sets of 5 alloys of a certain offset and width made for a similar 914 (maybe sp2 no idea) porsches fitment....

    Am awaiting people to call me a liar.....

  • Meh 17 hours and not one comment.

    As yes the porsche 914, has the same bolt pattern as a beetle (type1) skoda estelle and lancia fulvia/flavia. Exciting and scary moment seeing the money enter from a few people and back out.

  • In other stuff that I think is strange, when SkodaUK imported cars they upgraded the cars with uk sunroofs and uk made alloy wheels specific to a certain engine and trim level. They are now being bought by people from the czech and slovak republics to fit on there cars over there.

    A set of wheels, that had been painted with hammerite and that had peeled and needed a refurb were bought for £750 with tyres on and a man turned to collect them from CZ and paid cash.

  • I'd be happy to comment if I understood the issue!

  • All this Ghibli chat reminded me of Italian Car day @ Brooklands.

    Think I liked it on classics the most...

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  • More or less identical to mine. Tho im not fond of those wheels either. Infact i have never seen those wheels on a ghibli b4 actually. Wonder if they are something else with a borrowed center cap with the Maserati logo or if they were available as an option but not very popular as i have seen a lot of images but never those. They look very big as well 18" perhaps, im hoping to fit 17s. Original wheels were 16 uptil 94 i think.

  • They look like cheap replica wheels with cheap replica Maserati centre caps, but I'm ready to be corrected.

  • I think u are correct

  • Heh. Replica ftw.

    BBS classics preferred.

  • As nice as a set of BBS E88s would look on a Biturbo, I think your OZ splits are the right call. Italian design and class with a hint of motorsport.

  • Course Jallo on Gris fo me. 😎

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  • The ghibli II changes appearance more so than any other car i know depending on the color.

    That yellow is a good example

  • The Ghibli has to be one of my favourite designs. Just so solid and muscular but not brutal. The only thing that bugs me is the A-pillar and front fender interface

  • Yeah i agree will be a good combo i just hope i get to c it ;)

  • Yep, that always gets me too, particularly on the paler coloured cars. It's like it's got a detachable hardtop and windscreen.

  • Buy a 'cheap' RHD 228. Without someone to say NO.

  • Great, now I can't unsee it.

  • U must luv the Shamal then. cough


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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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