Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Though to be fair, this looks awesome IMO:

    That wheel clearance looks a bit dodgy though, surely that would result in some rub when cornering right?

  • You're not meant to drive it

  • Also, I'd probably rather have one of these for 1/50th of the price:

  • That's not weird.

    Enzo had one.

  • Enzo had Minis as daily drivers for a while. One of them had allegedly 250LM seats installed for his lunchtime backroad blasts. Rad.

  • That’s not a Ferrari Daytona. That’s a Muncie, the Corvette-based ‘replica’ used in Miami Vice.

    It probably is the one from Miami Vice.

    I like a Daytona, but it’s not a 275GTB.
    In any case I’d prefer a Lamborghini Islero.

  • Interesting timing.

    Yes, that that is allegedly one of the ones from Miami Vice but has had the Ferrari badges after it was found in a barn and restored.

    Part of me wants one to covert the front to look like a SD1. If you de badged a daytona doubt many would know what it is?

    While who would recognise a Islero? Never seen one in the flesh. Then again I have seen the 350 GTV with the engine actual mounted. There is only one of them.

  • I dunno i think daytona is a pretty well known Ferrari. I much prefer the coupe. Was one for sale here some 20 years ago or so and my dad went to look at it but decided it was way to much money for such an old car. If i recall the price tag was around 25k gbp.

  • I’d prefer a Lamborghini Islero

    Oof, good taste. Amazing how the LP400 just completely shifted the entire companies aesthetic.

  • I disagree, it is a 50 year old car that wasn't a poster car. All ferrari markings removed, only the rear lights would give the car away. Then look like a kit car or an opel GT.

  • Sure but that would go for a lot of the older ferraris then? Or do you think the daytona stand out in that way? Perhaps its that one grow up with miami vice and i have seen a few live that makes it an icon for me.

    Dont think most of my friends could tell any older ferrari without badges tbh. They would likely guess it but they would do that for a fiero as well .)

  • Many 60's ferraris are iconic for the prices they go and and there are period race versions.

    Thought it was well known that the Miami Vice daytona were fakes, the later testarosa were real and ferrari supplied. So they assume a fake or a kit car. Also I like the daytona lines.

  • Ive heard it as well, that it was a fake and that they supplied the new white one but thought those were just rumors and perhaps not necessarily true.

  • All the Miami vice Daytona were fakes. There were two I think, usual one that looked good for close ups and the one that did all the stunts. Ferrari sued the kit car makers and then supplied them new testarossa for the third season.

  • Cheers, look good. Will give them a ring in a few weeks.

  • Today my eye was taken by some old school European muscle. A really tidy 500 SEC, always liked the beefy stance of these, and increasingly rare to see one that's not been slammed/modded to fuck.

    And I'm not a fan of orange but this looks just right and perfectly suitable for a Lambo. It sounded amazing and looks like its doing 200mph even though it was maxing out at about 12 mph along here. 2001 Diablo, the last year they made that model.

    And I know nothing about watches and have never visited the watch thread, but I was idly cruising thro this website that has some really nice but very expensive vintage cycle jerseys earlier, and came across this lovely bit of Italian retro and it made me want it, and a Fiat!

    I've no idea if its as overpriced as the jerseys, but one for @jonny maybe.....

  • amazing diablo. had a poster of one on my wall when i was a kid - still my favourite lambo tbh

  • are there different spec fuel lines/hose/jubilees. I am looking for a better than average 8mm fuel line and clips, especially something that is very heatproof

  • anyone in london have a reliable car cd / radio player ideally with usb and jack sockets going spare? mine is packing in. Unless anyone knows where i can get mine fixed and whether it’s worth it.

  • Nice one dude. I don't wear or covet watches either. That is nice though.

    The orange Diablo is epic. Do hsve time for that

  • That Merc is absolutely banging. As is the lambo too tbf.

  • 2020 VW group car with 6k miles on has achieved two punctures and now the engine warning light - and a trip back to a dealer for repair.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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