Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Yep, can't remember the last time I saw one.
    Slight acquaintance with them as well.
    My father changed jobs in the mid-70's,
    and the Sales Director of the company had one.
    For some reason my Father was lent it over a weekend.
    Whichever specification it was, it contained a small fridge in the boot,
    just large enough for a 4-pack!
    [Note: this message does not condone drin driving].

  • there can only be one Fezza for me

    (don't @ me)

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    • Ferrari-F355-GTS-Red-Sports-Car-in-GoldenEye-1995-780x439.jpeg
  • Notice how no one is saying sf90, la Ferrari, Roma etc... Are they too new? Nostalgia hasn't caught up or they are shit?

  • I've always quite liked the look of the (modern) Ford GT.
    (Not saying the OG isn't a work of art either)

  • Yeah pics would be good.

    Not the most interesting picture, but I got my wheels back from the place in Ealing... Would still recommend, they've done a good job as far as I can tell.

    Still a valve cap / crest alignment fail...

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  • Doesn't the corrosion on the centre cap make you itch though?

  • Agreed. Quite overlooked too.

  • Neil has had the entire car resprayed for less...

  • Yes... I'm looking around as we speak for a reasonable set of colour ones. Ones straight from Porsche are, predictably, a bit pricey.

  • I'd wager that as most people get older they generally give less of a shit about 'current supercars'. That and the lack of appealing supercars in current media (arguably James Bond is probably an exception, but even the last one of those I watched the main Aston was a DB5 I think).

  • I like the modern GT, those cut outs through the rear quarter and the floating b pillar are awesome

  • Not for the purists. GMG F40.

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  • I’m definitely in the former camp. We dropped into a car museum in OC a week or two back and there was a new Ferrari something parked next to a 512BB, a Testarossa and a 512TR. By itself it looked pretty good, if far too large and opulent. By comparison with the others, it was a disaster.

    Back when I was a kid, you still had to be minted to have a super car, but you also had to be an enthusiast, as they were uncomfortable, unreliable and hard to drive. Now they’re kinda generic, bloated, luxo- wealth-barges and there’s way too many around to be that interested by any of them.

  • The last ones I really liked were the 355s and the 456. A fella I used to hang out with had a dark blue 456 with tan interior and it was stunningly well proportioned. Beautiful motor.

  • Maybe it's just that we never move past our teenage pin-ups.

  • 355 and 456 can't argue with, both lovely. Slightly more modern, have a real soft spot for the 550. Of the newer (if not current) ones, I don't think I'm going out on a limb saying the 458 is a very pretty car...

  • Why has no one mentioned the 365 GTB4

  • Love it. They had one of those at the museum too.

  • I'd rather have the other Miami Vice Ferrari

  • I lurve Testarossas. Seeing that one the other day, they look sharp as razors. No better rear.

  • Croquette's theme disagrees.....

    do do do dah da dah

  • I haven't had a potato croquette in years!...
    I think you mean Crockett ;)

  • What do you make of this one then?

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  • I was punning on the fact that the picture I linked to as a 365 isn't.

  • Now they’re kinda generic, bloated, luxo- wealth-barges and there’s way too many around to be that interested by any of them.

    Good point, definitely feel that. Something like a Caterham or Exige would be a lot more of a head-turner for me than something new from Ferrari/McLaren/Lamborghini/Bugatti.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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