Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Looks like the alcon calipers issue is that the pistons corrode when damp not just damp and salt and what people do is replace the pistons with stainless steel pistons so that helps the situation. Not a down grade if it is to get fully working brakes.

    That is going off one french car forum.

  • Still trying to get my head round this

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  • Staying out in Norfolk, Jensen parked down the road from our Airbnb.

    Not in great condition but a fine looking vehicle.

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  • Looks like Ford Timelord is back on the road and seen in Camberwell.

    This may mean little to many people...

  • Can anyone spot problems with this car?

  • Dunno about problems but that clear blue glass looks great. So much better than the default darkest legal tint.

  • On the photos, looks like non matching tyre patterns from left to right side and are there black wheel arch extension on some shots but not on other but someone else confirm.

    Is the tint green or blue? Looks green to me.

    EDIT: Interior : Drivers side back bolster photo could be better and that area can be leather restored to look perfect. See fixedwheelnuts BMW seat repair with the furniture group kit.
    Signs of rust on the front panel just above the inner on the headlamps. Engine bay sprayed with that shine stuff.

  • neighbour just pulled up in a 718 Cayman GTS 4.0. must admit, it sounds and looks quite nice.

  • Excellent!👴🏻

  • Note the perfectly level suspension. Apart from the engine, the ds is a pretty sensible tow car

  • Today I spotted another of the super rare (only around 200 made) and very cool Rover P6 estates like @BRM spotted last year, but this time in a great colour instead of 70's beige. Not a mark on it, much swoon.

    Also saw a similarly spotless lovely old Jaguar that screams "bank job".

    And this last Bentley screams, "get out of the way peasant!", is the size of a canal barge, probably has single figure mpg, its making cost the lives of many cows and trees, but I still love it. Looking pretty damn good for a 61 year old car.

  • Couple of solid spots in Royston today.

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  • This beastie is just about to click over 200,000... Still pretty tight. These things have a pretty good resale, but I wonder how much Putin fucked that up... Although, thanks to decades of policy negligence, folks in Oz can't even get electric cars. 80,000 peeps on a list for 200 electric Hyundais.

  • Yeah sweet dude. The TR7 looks ace

  • There was a lovely Hilman Imp and a red E-Type too.

    Was shepherding the little one so didn’t manage any more photos.

  • I can't believe I'm having to ask this (and I'm too intimidated by Porsche forums to ask there...).

    I'm getting the wheels on my 996 refurbished (photo), and the chap just phoned me to tell me that standard rubber valves don't fit in the rear wheels, apparently I need a thinner one with a smaller diameter... Is this another known Porsche thing? Is there a 'thinner' valve that I should be looking at - I'd assumed they were all standard.

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  • You can find them in Halfords next to the left handed screw drivers.

    Sorry, sensible answer, a quick google suggests you want the metal valve stem

    This may or may not help­Stem.html

  • It's not something I recognise. Who are you getting to do the work?

    I would use Exel Wheels, personally.

  • You can find them in Halfords next to the left handed screw drivers.

    Same aisle as the spirit level bubbles? :)

    Thanks for the answer - I thought they were standard, not sure why they're bothering me with it, I rather think they should know!

    I'm getting them done at a local place in Ealing - they've done a couple of sets for me in the past and been decent.

  • I'm too intimidated by Porsche forums to ask there...

    Jebus, so you came here? Did you not see the Evoque for sale thread?

  • Spotted a lovely Crayford Cortina convertible today.

    Apparently Crayford along with HR Owen the Aston Martin dealer, were responsible for the Rover P6 estate conversion I posted above. And following on from the tidy TR7 above, Crayford also did an estate version of that known as the TR7 Tracer. I've never seen one IRL but pics can be seen here.­s/crayford/tr7-tracer/

  • My uncle was a designer on the TR7. He did the wheels on the blue one Soul posted. Is there a close up by any chance? He also did the typeface of the dashboard guages.

  • That’s awesome!

    Unfortunately no pic from me. It was taken at Royston fair yesterday so might be a few on FB / twitter.

  • S.P.A.M.

    Also. What car? 😁

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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