Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • i wish!

  • Not trying to teach you to suck eggs, but be very careful after the firestuff is in. I know of some of that slipped off the car trailer and managed to fall on to the fire button set off the powder extinguisher in the car, fracture his skull above the eye socket and damage his eye (cornea)

  • Yeah, watched the late brake show vid on it this week. Keen.

  • I just did the car configure on the website:
    My option is coming in at £52,135.01 (which i haven't got)

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  • £52.5k for me. I also do not have this.

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  • I'd love to get 3 - one for me , one for my wife and one for my daughter.
    Imagine the fun you could have going on a road trip / drive!

  • I couldn't find the toddler seat accessory on the configurator so I think that puts it right out of the picture for me...

  • Love those Morgans - guy down the road has a green Aero 8 & takes it out every time it's sunny, similar to this one, looks like a weird render on screen but up close it's something else

    On a slightly more boring note - mid range sensible car tyres, Avon ZV7 or Hancook Ventus Prime 3? Or anyone had good experiences with any of the better budget options - Nankang / Toyo etc. etc.?

  • I've got ZV7s on my Clio 182 and I can't fault them. They've got a reputation for cracking in the tread 'valleys' but I've not experienced that.

    I'm about to put a set on my e34 as well so guess that's another endorsement although I'm extremely limited in tyre choice based on wheel size for that car.

    What car would they be going on?

  • Toy anyone? In my mate's garage.

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  • For that money I'd expect 4 wheels :-D.

    I had a chance to compare the old Plus 4 with the new Plus 6 a while ago, and the Plus 6 really is a proper modern car underneath the 30s styling.

  • Ta, they'll be going on the trusty Skoda Roomster - tyre prices seem to have shot up so there's not that much difference between the budget options & some of the mid range stuff.

    Think it's Maxxis on there just now - they're decent & used to be reasonable but seem to cost £30 a corner more now than a couple of years ago, we're fairly rural & it's often wet so trying to steer clear of the plasticky budget horrors the garage put on the other car the last time...

  • I had Ventus Primes, I found them fine, but I wasn't exactly testing them at the limit.

  • I am intrigued how that Morgan passed safety tests.

    The front end looks particularly jabby imo.

  • Is that the car the new Morgan owners built?

  • Looks funny instead of fun? :) realisticly how many will buy such an oddity, 3 wheels? I love morgons so its not that. Growing up my dad used to borrow a +8 for big events like graduation or similar. I Cant see there beeing a big demand for those tbh. Hopefully im wrong. The "regular" morgans tho.. nice looking cars.

  • Aren't low volume production cars exempt from a lot of that stuff?

  • Is that Unimog based?

  • Unimog with quite a few custom odds and sods, I asked precisely that question.

  • Did a Morgan factory tour a few months ago. The whole ethos has changed, it had to. A lot less hand made, more hand finished.

  • Has it changed much since trouble shooter visited ;)

    Used to be money to be made in selling you position on the list to buy a morgan.

  • Mogs are odd, how much normal people define as custom doesn't really count for mogs.

    Are there any mogs that are proper road going?

  • Mogs are allowed on the road, there are very few which could be called road going, they exist on a spectrum that runs from 'working' to 'fucking insane', this one is sliding to the silly end of the scale and sounds quite a bit bonkers.

  • Finally got all my interior and new harnesses back in the rally car after totally re-doing the brakes and running the lines inside.

    Only minor hiccup is I might need to change the handbrake master cylinder for a bigger one

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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