Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • You won't need a new code for the new unit, but as Si says, people can often obtain codes for your unit. Try eBay

  • Hmm. Wouldn't have thought so if it's just a radio and it's a totally new unit you're plugging in.

  • Don't think you will need the code as you will be replacing the unit.

    Are you getting the code from the serial number off the unit?

  • You can get codes for a bout a tenner online. Had to do that after replacing the battery on the Fiat. But it's for that unit, you won't need one for the new unit. Or if you do, it will come with one.

  • Cheers. Are there any other premium brands to look at? (I know nothing about car tyres.)

  • Generally I’d say the top tier brands are Pirelli, Michelin and Continental

    Just Below that are brands like Bridgestone, Goodyear and Dunlop.

    And then there are a whole heap of more budget brands like Toyo, Kumho etc before you get to China specials.

    Can you find out what it had fitted from the factory? You can likely get an equivalent

  • I have a completely irrational liking for Yokohama tyres.

    @aggi - go to and put in your reg number. This will give you lots of options, anything from the middle of the price range upwards will be absolutely fine, but you can check back on here with us if you like

  • Thanks everyone.
    As I said, I got a code online. It turned out to be the same as the one I had in my users manual, but when I entered it, it still said incorrect.

  • Maybe it's been replaced at some point?

  • Oh yeah I forgot Yokohama, I always liked the fast road tyres. I was considering buying some me of their semi-slicks while they’re heavily reduced at the moment

  • Potentially, but it does look like the stock CD6000 that comes in old Fords.
    I'm thinking that the unit is going to have to be replaced.

  • I’d look at what’s available, then buy some Michelins.

  • I recently got some mid-range Michelin. Thought I'd try and support my local tyre shop, but they wanted about £150 more in total for the same 4 tyres over kwik fit.

    Do these places just rely on people in an emergency who don't have the luxury of shopping around?

  • Thanks everyone.
    As I said, I got a code online. It turned out to be the same as the one I had in my users manual, but when I entered it, it still said incorrect.

    Could try phoning the local main dealer?

  • Thought I'd try and support my local tyre shop

    Last time I got tyres I asked my/the garage if it was better ordering through them or blackcircles. They just shrugged and said go for whoever was cheaper.

  • Another vote for Michelins here, though to be fair I just looked for the preferred tyre for my car and chose that.

  • I’m after a trolley jack. Any must have features or are they all much for muchness?

  • For driveway diy mechanics. I’ve already got axle stands but very bored of jacking the car up with the jacks that came with the respective cars for wheel changing purposes.

  • Get a low one if you have a low car. Check the weight of your vehicle. Unless you’re spending proper cash I don’t think there’s much between the budget ones. I got a Clarke one from Machine Mart and it is fine.

  • How much money have you got to spend? Where will the jack be stored when not used? How low do you need it to be?

  • After a certain weight bottle jacks are used.

  • in case you happen to be driving a 26 tonne 6 wheeler or something similar.

  • Not so sure myself. More looking at the surface the trolley jack has to trolley on.

    Then you get stuff like tank jacks..

  • Bit the bullet and just bought a new stereo as I had unused Amazon vouchers.

    The eBay facia has everything I'll need to swap it over? It comes with a harness, keys etc.

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  • trolley jack csb

    when we were tree loppers, we used to carry a couple of trolley jacks so we could move parked cars out of the way. usually worked fine, but as noted above, trolley jacks aren't really designed to trolley stuff around whilst under load. the small metal wheels don't really play nice with stones and things.

    one time we had a fiat up on the jacks, where pushing it down the road, jack wheel hit something and car fell off jack. jack cup disappeared somewhere into the guts of the engine bay. so we got it back on and put it back roughly where we'd found it asap.

    a little while later car owner rocks up, tries to start car, no dice. he looks around and sees us and thinks we might have jump leads. sure, we'll help. we rally round. he pops the bonnet. smoke comes out. "sommink's cooked in there guv. looks like you got a short".

    we are thanked for our assistance in this matter.


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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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