Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • These cost breakdowns are fantastic people


  • Very true.
    Of course nobody's buying them, because of that, and the horrible styling, but apparently this is progress.

    They will be nothing but a badge on a Benz within 10 years.

  • Mk 4 Astra ‘05 plate, bought at 54k for £3k from garage my family used in 2010, put 80k miles on and sold for £500 in 2020. Money was spent on it, but definitely not much. And I did the timing belt on it myself which may well be my proudest spannering moment.

    Bought e46 320d touring at 76k miles for £2600, so far spent £200 on summer tyres, about £300 on winter wheels/tyres, £70 on a thermostat, £70 on a spring replacement, £40 on an abs sensor, and a cheeky £700 on DMF and clutch. And a couple of oil and filter changes.
    Hopefully it resists any more expensive mishaps in the near future. Love it, but realising I’ve spent £1500 on it in a year and a half does put things in perspective.

  • These cost breakdowns are fantastic people.

    Here's a filthy MX5 from Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage.

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  • Lovely, great entry for the golf club thread

  • You can’t fit golf clubs in a DB9!

    Well I doubt it anyway. You can’t fit a Brompton in it.

  • My neighbour has a Superleggera, always worthy of a 2nd glance

  • Double Armco indents in the rear quarter?

  • nice little winter runaround I spotted this week

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  • As I have mentioned before, I bought and sold cars and motorbikes. All needed work, be it body work or mechanical or electrical. Few MOT failures. Did most of the work myself and with my dad.

    Wonder how much money was actual profit, when I included costs from driving around to get parts, looking at cars and then my time to do the work and buying tools. Then I have owned some amazing cars, some fun cars and lots of fucking shitty cars, and have a few scars from setting fire to my self welding, know the taste difference between leaded and unleaded petrol. Even chopped off 7mm or so off my right hand index finger.

  • Sadly a hit and run while parked!

  • Which is why it also has a black wing

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  • Had an A3 sportback TFSi red with silver bits on it. All the rage in 2010. £3250 when I handed it back out of pocket, some I knew about as neighbors had used it as a battering ram, some I didn't and argued, but end of day they have you by the balls. For our either 1) sits for weeks/months without moving or 2) does 3-500 miles a day for a month solid running errands around the country a lease just doesn't work for us. Could be we've massively overpaid for the mileage we actually used in the period, or we are way over the limit and we have to pay for it directly. Prefer used/owned and whatever happens happens! Many mates are on leases and works very well for them, but they have a very predictable usage, live on suburban new build estates and park in an office car park so super low chance of damage too.

    Last year was looking for a F11 BMW 520/525/530 wagon, was baulking at the price people put on a 10 year old used car with a list of obvious issues. But in hindsight, would have been the best money making ever. Buy 10x used cars with problems at £12k each. Sell 1 year later for £14-18k each with all the same problems still there. Profit? Probably not knowing my luck haha

  • WTF sorry to hear and know how annoying that is.

  • will run to around 205

    Are there any tyres rated for a sustained blat at those speeds?

    If you want 200+ this is another reason why you shouldn't get a bike. There's so much drag that even a Hayabusa can't get past 187 without a supercharger or some other extreme measure. It used to have a speedo which went to 220, which was good for impressing the kind of people who look at the speedo of a bike when it's parked. And it was designed to read 10% too much, like most Japanese bikes. I saw 204 on mine on a runway, but the radar said it was just the usual 187

  • Is triple figure speed (mph) actually enjoyable? As someone with a car that needs a bit of a tailwind and slight downhill to achieve that, I've never really saw the appeal.

    I mean on a racetrack I get it, you're actually pushing the limit of the car, but on regular roads?

  • I hit 140 at Bruntingthorpe and stopped accelerating as it wasn’t making it any more interesting- just a period of time that you sit there for until the corners start again.

  • Is triple figure speed (mph) actually enjoyable?

    Have been told by many bike pals that 1L+ engined sports bikes really only come alive over 100mph. I don't have a point of reference for this, but it was the reasoning for my brother, and others, opting for 650cc sports bikes that have been tuned/geared to have more low end power. It's a lot easier to enjoy a bike that has more torque and power in the lower revs than needing to smash it to 11k revs and booting it over a ton to get it going. It all sounded reasonable to me, but I have no actual experience of the above, lol.

    Edit:got my wires crossed and thought you were asking about 100mph on a bike. No idea why i bothered to type it out.

  • Bike thread >>>>>>

  • Yes, to get from point a to point b in straight line as quickly as possible.

  • straight line

    So it only makes the dull bits more interesting then ;)

    Granted, straight lines are always going to be dull in a car that does 0-60, eventually

  • I can understand it a bit better on a bike to be fair, but I'm not really a motorbike sort of person

  • Triple speed on a bike is easy. In a car - not so much although I don’t have any experience of hyper cars which may be a different story. I had a bike at 168 on the IOM and it was fast. Up to 130 locally is safe (ish). Back to bike thread 😁

  • So it only makes the dull bits more interesting then ;)

    No, just over quicker.

  • Am reporting you and neg repping you till you take it back to the motorbike thread...

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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