Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Never mind this motorbike chat. Zen school of motoring is here!

    Zen Motoring, Series 1: 1. Scooter Boys:­f955j via @bbciplayer

  • Are scooter boys the same as moped lads?😁

    This thread has really derailed 😁😁😁

  • Scotay boi's ffs.

  • Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack. £350 pm lease, 24m term.

    Someone please tell me why this is a bad idea, as I'm struggling to find a suitable answer.

  • Toyota GR Yaris Circuit Pack

    Total cost £8.4k - you could probably by some nice cars with that and get a fair chunk of it back at the end of 2 years

    EDIT e.g. this very nice MkV Golf

  • Yeah, but I'm only looking at GR Yaris leases because I want a GR Yaris. It's a Homologation Special, a legit road going rally car, which a Golf GTI absolutely is not. The only other way to get one is to fork out £34k for a new one.

  • I get all that. Personally I couldn't stomach spending nearly £10k on a car then handing it back with nothing to show for it. But you may have differing priorities :)

  • do it!!!!!!!!!

  • It's probably one of those cars that will go up in value, and in the short term too. Here is Aus the first cars were $39,000 delivered. Now the RRP is $50,000. And used ones are even more.

  • A GR Yaris? Awesome idea.

    Can you buy the car at the end of the lease? I thought they had some ok finance deals as well. The potentially high resale is one reason a lease won't work quite as well, as in, you might lose less in depreciation in two years.

  • I was also thinking this - could possibly get finance on one and flog it in two years taking the gamble that I will take a much smaller hit over the period.

  • I really want one. Saw a white one the other day and they look great. Universally loved by reviewers.

    Only thing I would say is PCP might be the better way to go. You’re likely to have significant resale value at the end and won’t realise any of that with a lease.

    Edit: 0% APR on a 2 year PCP here. Surely a no brainer.

  • Booked a test drive and put my name on waiting list.

    That escalated quickly!

  • Call back from Toyota - No cars available for test drive. GR Yaris Order books closed until May 2023 at earliest.


  • Fucking hell. Knew they were popular but that's daft.

  • Over 5000 people a year die off motorbikes.

    Not sure what you're trying to say here: if you mean that there are 5k road deaths a year in the UK that involve motorbikes, that's simply not true.

    In the year to June 2021, there were about 1400 road deaths in the UK across all forms of transport.

    For motorbikes, the 5 year average 2015-2020 is a bit over 300 deaths (6 a week), and a bit under 6k serious injuries (115 a week).

    Thanks, I mistakenly did the KSI numbers, and that's why I was stunned.

  • Call back from Toyota - No cars available for test drive. GR Yaris Order books closed until May 2023 at earliest.

    Feeling lucky??­nesecars/toyota-unveils-new-two-seat-grm­n-yaris/45180

  • Another option - wait list for the new GR86

  • That moment that you lightly drill in to a plastic mount and it just disintegrates....fuck sticks.

  • @Howard We had Skoda Suiperbes as Catford Banks Equipe team cars and I was very impressed with the room inside them and the spec inside. Not only that they handled quite well for a big old barge, a few times I was planting it in to corners at speed with half a dozen cyclists on my bumper trying to get back on to the main group and it did it well.

    Fully loaded with 2 x gazebos, 10 x chairs, 7 x turbo trainers, 1 x table, 1 x water butt, 2 x crates of drink bottles, 2 x kitbags, 7 x riser blocks, 1 x camera bag, and a track pump :-D plus three bikes and seven wheels

  • Was about to say I was amazed if you’d found one. They’re already super sought after. This generation’s homologation special - can’t think of anything like it.

  • A few on auto trader with 8-10k on the clock for £3k over brand new list price, but not down for buying outright. Cazoo has three in stock, including a black one with Circuit Pack, which is what I want, but PCP is £749pm with £4k initial payment over 24 months…… 😂
    I think it’s safe to say I missed the boat on this one.

    Will stick to the Abarth for silly fast small car LOLZ for now.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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