Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I think your opinion of bikes has been coloured by what you've owned. Of course there are plenty of bikes that will fuck with your wrists and your back, or that will die in the cold or fail to start.

    There are also lots of cars with bad seats (see Dammit's own recent experiences) and that will not fit shopping or start when it's cold.

    My ownership has been: Honda NC700s, MT07, MT09, Tracer 900, Tracer 900GT, 1250GS

    None have failed to start first click. Ever.
    None have fucked my back or my wrists.
    Some couldn't fit shopping but Dammit owns a van.

    Currently, my 1250GS (17k value, garaged) is £350 a year fully comp, including commuting.

  • Have you looked at the price of modifications and customisations vs cars yet?

    Go see how much the most expensive Nitron shock you can buy is.

  • I've got this setup on the 996, and a quick Google brings back these forks, so it's looking like bikes might be more expensive than cars on that front.

  • Idk man. My scrambler is basically the same bike but with a different exhaust and higher handle bars. And I haven't have very different feelings.

    As for shopping. I bet souls gs WITH ALL THE METAL PANNIERS can get more back from Waitrose than dammit's porsche.

  • Fair enough.

    I guess there are fewer parts to upgrade.

    I know I've said it before but ease of access and ability to work on a bike is a big draw for me. Imo it's something you'd like too. I know you are effectively doing it with you 911, but it's a lot easier to put a bike on a stand to change the fluids, or swaP the suspension yourself than a car.

  • I still think a fast feeling hot hatch is the way to go instead if chasing high power.

  • I think I'm set on trying a bike, just not sure what type yet. I do quite like the idea of something that would have cross-over with mountain biking, which means this:

    Rather than this:

  • I can push my FWD 60bhp punto into oversteering (in fairly specific circumstances), which feels way more exciting than it should.

  • Get an electric super moto, perfect for city roundabout abuseage.

  • May be an idea to ask in the bike thread. I would not recommend Super Moto to a learner. If you do go that route, please take videos though.

  • It's not so much the bike, more the cornering technique that I was trying to illustrate.

    MTB is very similar to the top photo - weight over the top of the bike and through the front wheel coming into the corner, with the rear (potentially) a little loose.

    Corner a mountain bike like the chap on the Moto GP bike and you'll not have a great time.

  • Mate sat in traffic (passenger) just sent me this. Took a minute, 1 of 7 apparently

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  • Im now lost. Presumably you are looking at off road motor bikes. I thought you were considering a road bike.
    I know nothing about off road motor bikes apart from an ‘interesting’ ride on a Suzuki 125 MX race bike - never again! I was superman before superman was a thing!!

  • @Dammit ignoring the arguments for and against motorbikes it's all so cheap compared to car ownership, if you don't like it you haven't spent a lot. Getting your full bike license will cost what, £1,000 these days? And if it's not for you at least you've tried it. To run one bike for a year costs me well under a £1,000 (outside of London).

    Personally I stopped chasing performance on 4 wheels a few years ago as couldn't pay to play, and living in London must only strengthen that argument Shirley. The 'danger' factor with bikes is very subjective so don't think it's worth trying to convince you either way. The motorbike thread on here is super helpful if you have any questions, we could do with some Dammit levels of attention to detail with a project I'm sure.

  • Motorcycle travel presents approx 56 times greater risk of fatal accident than car travel.

    I'd argue that is not very subjective.

  • A Kawasaki Ninja is a supercharged motorbike, RRP is around £25k, it can do 200+ MPH.
    £25k on a car will get you VW Golf

    They do a track version (non road legal) that is good for 250mph
    (Fairly sure someone did in 25 seconds too)

    Comparing bikes and cars doesn't really work, they are very different things.

  • Sorry, momentarily forgot the name of this thread. Cycling is also dangerous but a more accurate way of saying it is we all have different opinions when it comes to risk.

  • Crazy prices. Owner told me someone offered him 25k for it today. Although I suspect he is like a lot of pEtroL HeaDZ and chatting utter shit.

  • Im now lost. Presumably you are looking at off road motor bikes. I thought you were considering a road bike.
    I know nothing about off road motor bikes apart from an ‘interesting’ ride on a Suzuki 125 MX race bike - never again! I was superman before superman was a thing!!

    Bear in mind I know close to nothing about motorbikes.

    Is the only way to get a road bike round a corner to hang off the inside in a way that guarantees a little lie down on the tarmac if the front wheel washes out?

  • I disagree, find the right car.

  • Yes, completely agree. I'm not trying to defend cars btw, just pointing out that there are quite compelling stats for the risks associated with different transport modes.

    We should really have a trainspotter thread as well.

  • God I hope so, last time I looked about a year ago decent GTIs were roughly £12-15k.

  • Not at all. But the Super Moto pic is not something I would be trying on any road here. On a track - no probs. All that pressure on a front tyre on a public road which has the usual diesel and oil patches would leave you on the ground. Even a greasy surface - which we have here now would put you off.
    Have a look at YouTube for more info on riding - road riding, not track or racing. It’s easy once you get into the way of it, the biggest danger, as has previously been mentioned, are four wheeled or, in town, two legged. It is a dangerous hobby but great fun - incredibly great fun. 170 on Hailwood Rise was very exciting and relatively safe. 25 in town has been frightening and very dangerous.

  • A few un completed robin hood's have been coming up for around 500 - 1000 tho all unregistered which might be the bigger issue/hassle.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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