Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Might return it early and see if the other one parked next door has any better luck assuming it's available.

  • Call the breakdown cover.

  • Ticking all the insta boxes...

  • Ok quick question for the panda/500/Ford KA owners do you expect to change rear wheel cylinders when replacing the rear break shoes?

  • Also to the same owners, how often are you topping up the indicator fluid?

  • Make sure it's the correct specification of synthetic indicator fluid. You don't want your blinkers not working correctly. It's a common complaint in many luxury vehicles.

  • Probably more Audis these days, but so true.

  • That's very funny.

  • I paid it but they said they'd scan the car in 6 months FOC as the engine warning light might come straight back on with the sensor not working

  • 2006 SDI mk5 golf.
    Was starting okay but timing was slightly out. Hard to explain.
    The engineering firm got the broken one out. I thought I was stuck as they said the car wouldn't start with a broken glow plug

  • Haha, I was going to say BMW but wasn't sure what the current commonly offending make was. The only safe generalisation in the motoring world is that Toyota Camry drivers are oblivious to the world around them

  • Its the wiper rash that you get after a few winters, vague haze that low sun catchs, sometimes get a deeper gouge on the edge of the swept area that doesn't matter so much as its at the edge and where all the dirt begins.
    But yeah will try a pad + some rouge and see what I can smooth out on this screen, cheers for tip!

  • Recommend me some small, cheap, high to very high power to weight cars, bonus points for RWD.

  • How cheap are we talking?

    Clio 172/182
    Civic Type R FN2
    350Z/370Z (bit heavy though)
    SLK 55 probably more your thing but looking at about 15k for an ok one, not cheap
    Most sporty VAG group cars with EA888 engines react well to a remap and few upgrades

  • Well, the competition is a motorbike, which (I have recently discovered) are much cheaper than cars.

  • But somewhat less forgiving if you stick them through a hedge.

  • what's the car nerds view on the toyobaru 86 / BRZ?

    not exactly over powered in standard trim but do seem to have an appealing simplicity. Much tweakable?

    this is more for dammit's attention than mine but i maintain a largely voyeuristic interest in car lyfe.

  • I think they respond well to turbo-charging, but underpowered as standard. Not that I have driven one - this is Internet Wisdom.

  • Nothing will come close to a motorbike! Elise? Caterham? Both tend to be spenny. MX-5 with a bit of work?

  • Colleague of mine has one - generally knows her stuff about cars & motorbikes & she loves it, did mention the trade in price had gone up by 5k in the last year as she almost chopped it in a while back, not many bargains about

    Edit - she also has her eye on a motorbike...

  • This.

    You’re wasting your time with cars if you want something engaging to drive that will rustle your jimmies.

    Motorbike all day long.

  • Some sort of Lotus? My dad had an Exige and fucking loved driving it round like a twat in a go kart. Not cheap though.

  • I agree but also disagree. I guess it depends.
    Personally (@Dammit) I'd suggest just getting into rallying or rallycross, or something you can drive your van to, with a car on the trailer on the back, and then go fucking mental when you get there.
    The few times I've managed to do any rally experience days/ rallycross days, I came away from it much more thrilled than on the motorbike- where the real issue is that no matter how well you drive it, some asshat can still kill you.

    Knowing you- sort of- I think that something where you can tinker with it, race it, and then put it away, and then repeat, may be the better solution.
    The outlay, of course is massively greater than a motorbike, and you could definitely make the same argument for getting a cheap off-road motorbike and going fucking mental there.
    Which- to be fair- was the most fun I had last year.

  • Caterham or other 7-style car surely.

    Aiming to get one in a few years so could do with a thorough case-study in ownership on here.

  • Buy a bike for sure, makes fast cars feel kinda pathetic TBH. No comforts though, maybe get a heated grips/vest/arse warmer for the 320 days a year there is no sun out

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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