Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • The Octavia is very roomy, you'll get a bit of extra leg space compared to the other two.

    Obviously you can go up to a Superb if you want first class levels of leg room.

    The combo of my short legs and the amount of the room in the back of the Superb makes it look like a LWB 7 series when I'm driving and Eazy E is behind me.

  • Ah has the supercar bursts in to a ball of flames chique.

  • MK1 Renault espace as they are cool. Always were always will be.

    How about the Alphard/elgrands?

    Now what was the first mpv not a converted van.

  • Ah yes, are the cars as bad as the Mexican parts?

  • Mazda 5 is a good call.
    How easy is it to take the rear seats out and use the rear as a load area.

  • Gotta say I think there's a lot of logic to getting a Zafira now, then once your youngest is 4 get something nicer.

  • Are they the flame ones?

  • I'll have to dig some out.

  • In my car news (I know, no one cares but I feel I need to write it down somewhere)

    Still needs a coolant change, bought some coolant and still haven't done it. Need to back flush the system just in case there is a problem with any left over coolant that isn't OAT.
    Need to replace the oil thermostat, and still haven't bought the thing. That just means a short ish drive to either Moss Paris or a Jag dealer. For some reason I can't. But then I should check if the thermostat is there and if I back flush should I get the seal to replace and then should I replace the thermostat.
    Still needs to have the clutch fluid replaced, and the reverse switch. But that requires that the battery and battery box to be removed. Have replaced the brake fluid, so this will finish the job. With the reverse switch I'll have the parking sensors back
    The gearbox oil is low, and being the MTX75 'box there is the whole discussion of what fluid to use. Am going with 10w40 diesel motor oil, as finding the right grade is a long discussion as the best fluid in Ford US only.
    Boot is still leaking and suspect the water is coming in via the rear lights. Working out how to seal the rear lights and not stick them in place. Have some double sided buytl tape for the job but that is quite wide so I'd have to trim the tape to fit. Fernox lsx would be perfect but seems difficult to find.
    One of the headlamp adjuster has either become unclipped
    Should clean the engine bay and scuttle are from all the tree/bush detritus
    Then should clean the interior leather, carpets and dash as it has been sprayed with dash shine so everything is sticky.

    EDIT And forgot that one of the rear suspension bushes needs replacing, and seems to be a unique part, still not ordered either. Replacement is going to be fun, and hope that I can get away with making a press out of some threaded bar and couple of sockets.

  • For sealing the rear lights have you considered Sugru? Fernox came up on Screwfix, or are you not in the UK?

  • The rear lights have a rubber seal that sits against the rear panel and seals the light unit. Am in France, at the mo. Hence part issues.

  • Haha - I know exactly what you mean. List growing...must write down.

  • While in S news.

    Looked in to replacing the cambelt and forgot that there is a rear cambelt off the cam for the fuel pump. Amused that I forgot it was there. But replacement seems straight forward to replace. Just more bits to remove. Trying to see if there are differences between the cambelt and tensioners as there seems to be difference in change intervals.

    Then there is the oil and oil filter change, air, fuel and cabin filter. Coolant change, but do change the water pump, tho not run off the cambelt once the cambelt is off the pump is easily replaced. Then the engine can have issues if the cambelt tensioner is overtightened and then damages the oil pump and then destroys the engine. So is it a case of check for any damage, and replace the pump as I'm there.
    Then as I've stripped that much on the engine, there can be an issue with cranks breaking as crank bearings can spin slightly and block the oil passage. So should I check the bearings and see if there is any movement. Seeing as I'm there should I plastiguage the gap to see the condition and then if I'm there should I check the big ends? Then just replace them as I'm there.

    Then the 6HP box can have issues, so at the minimum and oil and filter change. Then see if the fluid is in decent enough condition as there is no history of a change. Even tho the box was supposed sealed for life for some fittments with other fitments require a change to keep warranty.

    Or should I just flog the engine/car to a landie/range person to swap in to their broken landie/rangie.

    Or am I spending too much time thinking...

    EDIT: Am in a loop of wondering what to do. Feels wrong to dismantle a car, but then what am I going to do with it.

  • Good car day yesterday as the C4GP passed its mot (after a retest).
    So I can breathe a bit, and we're one step closer to being able to sell it on.
    Tomorrow viewing a T4 campervan that looks rather tidy despite being a 20 y.o. machine. Fingers crossed

  • The X is a £500 car FFS. It is going to do a 2000 mile journey soon and would like it to be reliable. But at €300+ for the fuel then never mind the tolls, am tempted to fly and hire a car but that feels wrong. May be I should look at public transport.

  • Look at the van closely as they have a following that means that the vans really hold the value.

  • will bmw ever make a nice car again? they used to be leaders in design... (hurrrr yes i know its a concept but it is billed as "near production")

  • My first thought was that I drove that car in a game I played in about 1993... is there some sort of polygon shortage I was unaware of?

    Looks like an Aliexpress Polestar or Range Rover.

  • BMW trolling Lexus like...

  • That's what happens when you cross a beaver with an orthopaedic shoe.

  • The rear is equally questionable....

  • I think a lot of modern cars have this questionable futuristic styling - fair play to BMW for just turning the screw on it. Looks both aggressive and mental in equal measure.

  • I absolutely hate it, but I bet it would be interesting to own if you had the garage and house to go with it.

  • I quite like the back - something like that'd look pretty decent on an M type estate. The bonnet's too deep at the front though, which might be driving other bits of it being questionable looking.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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