Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Enterprise car club

    Do they do vans?

  • Do they do vans?

    No idea, just saw the offer and thought might be useful to someone.

  • Long time listener first time caller. Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm looking for some kind of small SUV, we're pretty low mileage <6k/yr, but generally want a lot of space when we do drive (kiddy crap/allotment-tip runs). Based on some chat on this thread I'm on the eye out for a Skoda Roomster, preferably the Scout model. Are there any other functional but ugly cars I should be looking for?

    Citroen Berlingo looks to fit the brief, but not sure it has similar removable seats. Yeti also but pricier.

  • Yeti is better than the roomster all day long.

    More expensive at the outset but will hold its value for a lot longer.

  • Any particular reason to go for the scout model? It's not part time AWD like some of the other scouts in the Skoda line up.

  • In my experience small SUV ≠ a lot of space. Most are similar size to a Golf in the boot so I'd be tempted to go for an estate or a larger SUV if you're looking for a big boot to haul stuff around.

  • SUV's are typically based on FWD car platforms, so the space that they have over and above the conventional car they share said platform with tends to be in height - which of course may be what you're after.

    In other news, I'm seriously considering a 2005 Mk1 Audi TT 3.2 DSG. It's this Japanese import.

    Anyone got any experience of them, or the R32 which it basically is under the skin?

  • iconic car. nice choice

    dare i say that actually looks quite good value for a "modern classic"

  • I have a roomster, bought it when my combo can went pop for lugging bikes and because of the covid tax on vans. We have a 1.6 auto and it’s not suv in any way, more slightly smaller than a berlingo vibe. Good little car as you say all the rear seats come out so it is quite roomy in the back, definitely functional but ugly car. Large Cx or Mtb fits with front wheel out.
    Very basic in the cabin if that’s an issue, other than the slightly odd addition of the tiptronic gearbox.. It’s actually quite a nice drive though in a sort of old school vw feel. Not sure what any suv element would add that was positive - it’s just a basic wagon. In fact a quick google suggests the scout version adds pretty much nothing, still 2wd.

    We also looked at crv’s at the same time.

  • I reckon these are a proper modern classic. I was chatting to a guy who had one in silver in immaculate condition. The interior was still fantastic and solid. For reference it had done over 200,000 kilometres. It was the 1.8t not the V6 but still. Build quality would be the same.

  • I ran a MkV R32 for about 2 years, the only thing of note that happened was it threw a low coolant light, I checked the coolant which was fine and the dealer changed the sensor for about £100. I swapped the OEM headunit for some Kenwood thing with iPod connectivity (this was in about 2005 so cutting edge at the time) but would put it back to stock if I still had it.

    I still miss it, sleep well sweet prince

  • .

  • Fair point, but length is also a consideration. Not sure how comfortable my other half would be with an estate, I sold my old V40 for a Polo to get her driving, plus parking is well sought after here. Roomster is, apparently the same Chassis as the Fabia, bit a much higher body. Key is the 'Varioflex' seats which can come right out to leave you with basically a small van.

    Edit: ok SUV probably the wrong term.

  • Better in what way? Just higher interior specs? Can't see me really needing the 4WD and aiming for Roomster with 1.6 or more. They command mich higher prices, out of our budget without getting in to silly mileage. Would definitely go for it if we can find one at the right price.

  • I mean it's mainly the looks, the 4WD and the fact that they hold their value for so much longer (because of the first two points).

    Load floor is slightly higher on the Yeti because of 4WD / packaging but you also sit higher.

  • I’m pretty sure my Audi mechanic mentioned issues with a part of the R32 drivetrain or similar. The oil must be changed at the required intervals to avoid destruction. I’m sure a VW forum would provide much better info.

    He wasn’t talking about engine oil.

  • that's a cool little car

  • I think this is referring to the DSG autobox, I think the earlier versions were particularly sensitive to self-destructing if the service intervals were not respected. Mine was a manual, lovely 6-speed box, really nice to shortshift from 2 to 4 to 6 on slip roads just for the hell of it

  • I had an R32 in the Middle East when I was there. Standard things to ensure is that the Haldex servicing on the gearbox is up to date, because if it isn't you're looking at some interesting bills. Most of the 3.2l things of that era are quite collectible nowadays, so it might well be a sleeping earner.

    There was a fairly limited version of the TT released with an interior the same colour as a baseball mitt - complete with glove style stitching on the seats. Also, a denim coloured metallic blue paint was available as well. Pretty sure this combo was only available on the earlier 1800cc models.

    As with all VAG cars of that period, they weren't the best as far as component lifespan because of funds being diverted into the loss-making Veyron project.

    Like everything German, as long as it's been looked after properly, it'll go on forever.

  • Fiat Doblo is another option in the practical MPV stakes..

  • Exactly what I thought...

  • Like everything German, as long as it's been looked after properly, it'll go on forever.


  • My Beetle's still going strong, as is my M3. The worst car I've ever owned was a 2yr old SLK that I bought of a pal in Dubai when he was leaving - it was an utter dog. He'd owned it from new and had missed numerous services (essential in the Middle East because the dust and salty air destroys everything), but he was a mate and needed the cash. He gave it to me at a decent-ish price and then I sorted everything out with my friendly garage before I flipped it.

    One of the reasons I probably wouldn't buy a modern Mercedes

  • My Beetle's still going strong

    Ooh what year?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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