Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Advice pls..tried interneting but not foundanything really clear.

    The keys/barrels for my 07 Peugeot Boxer are very worn. We've never had blipper, so the keys have had a lot of use over the years.

    Anyone got any advice for where best to get sorted and what kinda price I might pay? They will need to replace ignition asnd drivers door barrel, reprogram the computer plus new keys. I'd quite like a blipper as well.

  • Aston Martin V12 Vantage?

    They are quite dinky for something with a 6 litre.

    The Sunbeam Tiger is quite small too.

  • I vaguely remember an old Top Gear where someone had squeezed the 5.6 litre W12 engine into a Golf GTi, think it was an experimental thing that couldn't handle the power and was jokes to drive.

    On Youtube the shrinkage continued with the same engine shoe horned in an even small VW Lupo, which must have been similarly ridiculous to drive.

    Saw this today, which drew the only chuckle on an otherwise wet and windy ride.

  • I’m thinking that the early C63 might be the winner - 6.2 litre V8 in a smallish saloon/estate.

  • No way

    I can't come up with anything better than the 427 cobra.

  • Are the BBS copies on eBay going to kill my family? The wheel dudes want mucho dinero to refurbish the wheels on the Jerry. One is leaking.

  • How much are they asking? Lepsons are brilliant quality and seem fair on price considering they fully strip and recover not just slap some silver paint over damage.

  • £540+VAT! 400 for the refurb. 80 for corrosion and 60 for valves.

  • Dunno. £120 a corner, give or take. Seems sensible to me. Not sure how much work they are doing.­cessories/alloy-wheels

    if you want to compare to brand new

  • This place is on the OKR.­furb/index.html

    At the bottom

    10-16" £260 for a set of 4, £75 for individual wheel
    17" £280 for a set of 4, £80 for individual wheel
    18" £300 for a set of 4, £85 for individual wheel
    19" £320 for a set of 4, £90 for individual wheel
    20" £360 for a set of 4, £100 for individual wheel
    21" £400 for a set of 4, £110 for individual wheel
    22" £420 for a set of 4, £115 for individual wheel

    Shadow chrome paint finish £50 per set

    All prices include VAT & INCLUDE…
    Free Tyre Removal & Refit
    Free Valves
    Free Wheel Balancing

  • I’ve used Lepsons four (possibly five) sets of wheels now, they come back as-new, for the ones I’ve sent them anyway. Known quantity in an industry full of chancers…

  • ~7 litres so would win, but just very slightly more £.

  • Diamond Styling of Sevenoaks did my split rim 18s for £400 (cash). Taken apart, diamond cut rims, custom painted centres, reassembled and new tyres fitted and balanced. I thoroughly recommend them.

  • I can’t think of a bigger lump in a smaller package.
    Classic 80s solution would be a fox body mustang. I’ve seen a few ludicrously fast ones. They’ve got bloody expensive now though.

  • And about 500kgs!

  • Look on frenchcarforums, they are usually really helpful.

    For the blipper, does the boxer have remote central locking.

  • Ah, those crazy Vaudois. And people say the Swiss are boring...

  • A Cobra 427 weighs a lot more than 500kgs. More like double that.

  • A Merc estate must be about 1500kgs, which is about 500 more than a cobra

  • Probably closer to 2,000 I’d think, although that’s a guess.

  • If the car is going sit in traffic or on a straight line isn't it boring?

  • I enjoy Taylor Rays channel on YouTube, he's got a 6.3 LS in an MX5
    (Though he's swapping it for a corvette at the moment)

  • Why? That will ruin the balance of the car. Or am I missing something.

  • I doubt you're missing anything, sounds like a utterly daft idea IMO

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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