Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I had a 3-door MkIV Golf R32 with the 3.2 V6 back in the day, very nice. Sold it for a flat deposit :(

  • You are biased...

    What about a nice jumbo scootay.

  • One up on the restomod scene?

  • As a long time Renault 4 owner I'm really interested in one of those :)

  • Jacked it up. Didn't die.

    Replaced the washer fluid pump. Still leaking.

  • This combo is for sale in Germany, allegedly a real chapron.

    No price but at a guess if you have to ask...

    More details here­roen/ds/1970/874692

  • I had a 2008 2.5 saloon for a while. Very nice to drive, based on the Mondeo. Parts are widely available and cheap (especially compared to the Subaru Legacy I had before it). Petrol engines are good and use timing chains, diesel engines best avoided as far as I can remember.

    Mine unfortunately died through chassis rust, so I suppose my advice is to have a good look underneath!

  • A bit odd to sell the Tissier with it, no?

  • Maybe, but then what is the price as there is no price being advertised.

    -A real Chapron is going to worth at least €100k
    -Is it an original Tissier, and there weren't that many made so what is it's value?

  • I've fallen down a rabbit hole.

    The 8 reminds me of a jumping spider.

  • There is an 8 gordini for sale on facebook.

  • I had never seen an 8 until today!

  • Really!

    EDIT: Sorry thought that owning a 4 would have known the 8 and the later uglified oval light 10.

  • I've had a 6, 10, 12 and 5 (ownership order.). The 5 was a turbo and crazy. The 6 was one of my first cars and just rusted away. The 10 was excellent except the rear end wanted to pass the front at any opportunity. The 12 was my favourite, comfy, roomy and reliable, mine was ziebarted from new, so rust free.
    Still fancy a 4

  • All I know about the 6 it was an upmarket 4 ;) The 10 was the 8 uglier incarnation.

    Liked the 12, as they were cheap and always wanted a gordini one. Had a few 16s as they rotted in very specific places usually around the rear suspension front mount.

    At a guess you never had an early 5, and had to do a clutch change ;)

  • Should probably ask in a more relevant forum but not sure I can bring myself to join the Rover owners club.

    I've got a Rover 25 (it was very cheap) that is leaking coolant somewhere (level is dropping but I can't actually find any evidence of a leak) but otherwise runs fine, doesn't overheat etc. The other issue which is probably/possibly related is that the heater doesn't blow hot air.

    Most likely culript is the head gasket, right? I'm hoping it's not this as that would write the car off. Anything else I should be looking at?

  • Replace the reservoir cap.

    What engine is in it?

  • 1.4 16v.

    Will try that, thank you

  • That Tissier belonged to a German classics garage, it's been around for a while. I don't think they are that valuable but then again they're not usually in that sort of condition either, so who knows.

  • Have had a few of the k series engined cars that were diagnosed as head gasket failures but the issues were the cap, make sure you get a decent cap from either moss or sng barrett (which ever is cheaper) don't bother with ebay.

    Careful of rover forums as they seem to say head gasket at the sniff of any issues.

  • Added a link to the actual sale.

    As a DS admirer, and one that lives in reality that I will not have another nor any other hydraulic suspended citroen, I want to believe that a Tissier is worth a lot more than it probably is.

  • How much does re-sealing a tyre (just bead onto wheel, not a puncture) cost? Garage said £25 a tyre which seemed expensive.

  • It is. £25 is more than getting a tyre swapped, balanced and new valve.

    Try a part worn tyre place.

  • Does seem expensive- place local to me in London’s famous London charges £12.50 for a puncture repair as a sort-of comparison.

  • I think they had me by the nuts because it was a black circles order that they’re obviously making no cash on. £20 to just swap the wheels over too.

    It’s the summers that need resealing so I’ll look elsewhere to get them sorted in the spring

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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