Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Mopar or no car indeed.

  • What a business that guy has built for himself. I watch most of his vids and the variety of stuff he gets in is amazing.

    That R/T charger is great. Would definitely tap into the sleeping Hp with some discreet mods

  • Aside from the looks. I’d much rather have a wedge than a Hemi. Much better street motor.

  • He really is the carb whisperer hey. Enjoyed the video a few weeks ago where Ian was teaching some young apprentice to spanner on some priceless beauty. All seemed very normal.

  • Pro tip: If you live in a small flat and order 4 winter tyres off ebay and the tyres are delivered on a day when you're in the office and your partner is at home, and you completely forget to tell them because you're an idiot, and then they have to take delivery of said tyres in the middle of a somewhat important work call, and wrestle the tyres into the flat, and the tyres take up half the hallway and are generally a pain in the arse, and you sack off work mid-afternoon and go on the lash in blissful ignorance and get home half cut and stinking of curry... well, expect a domestic.

    Hello, sofa... old friend.

  • Did get 4x Pirelli Sottozeros with 5.5-6mm of tread for £265 though.

  • Brilliant. Have a good night's kip!

  • Does anyone have any experience of the Mazda 6? I've never been in a Mazda I don't think, but these look to be very keenly prices for a comfy long hauler :
    Lots of 2.0 petrol engines
    Roomy liftback saloon
    Under 2k for a mid mileage model

  • For looks I like the charger... I don't know enough about them though. Just read up a little on wedge Vs hemi... Always assumed 'hemi' was the king of muscle car engines.

  • Car jacking point - anywhere in this pic? Vauxhall vxr. I'd rather not be crushed to death

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  • Hemi is all in the advertisement....

  • Looked at them when I was looking for a load lugger hatch/estate, along with the 3 and the 5.

    Nice enough but make sure all the electronic stuff works especially if it has air con. Ones I looked at all needed a regas.

    Can not remember if the engine is shared with a ford.

  • Might be the wibbly bit of sill in the top right hand corner?

  • Ok, a thought- I tend towards barges because I like big engines (and I cannot lie), but- maybe they come in smaller cars as well?

    What’s the biggest engine/smallest car ratio achievable?

  • Wasn't there a twin engined Renault 5 in Max Power back in the day? One in the front one in the back.

    Don't be constrained by the OEM accountants.

  • I'm sure there was a twin engined Audi TT somewhere as well

  • This must be a contender?

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  • Easily achievable out of the box?
    Alfa 147 3.2 V6
    You’ve also got the Mk4 Golf with the 2.3 V5, 2.8 or 3.2 sixes, or the Mk5 Golf R32 with the same 3.2 VR6. The Audi A3 also featured the 3.2, and later S/RS A3’s had a 2.5 5 cyl. The Mk2 Ford Focus and Volvo C30 had a 2.5 5 cyl, as did the Mazda 3.
    Early BMW 125i/128i/130i/135i all had a 3.0 six, as did the (very pricey) 1M Coupe.
    For a few more £££‘S BMW F20 generation 1 series M135i/M140i have a 3.0 straight 6 turbo with between 320 & 340hp. The B58 in the M140i is easily and cheaply tuneable to 420bhp, and far beyond (engine is the same as in the latest M340 and Supra) with a little more work.

    So a wealth of small car/big engine options from £1000-£25,000+

  • Probably not correct but I always jacked my Astra with the jack on the flat bit below where the control arm meets the subframe/chassis - pictured bottom left - and I’d use a bit of wood on the jack to make it flat and spread the load. Did it many times and never died.
    Then I’d put the axle stand top right - where the sill has the little dip in it. The plastic skirt had pull out inserts which revealed the reinforced bit which made it a bit clearer where to put the stands.

    Full disclosure, I have no fucking idea what I’m doing, but I didn’t die doing it that way.

  • What’s the biggest engine/smallest car ratio achievable?


  • What’s the biggest engine/smallest car ratio achievable?

    A chap I used to know put a 5.7l Chevy small block in a Westfield. That's a lot of engine for not much car.

  • What’s the biggest engine/smallest car ratio achievable?

    Looks like we're back at motorbikes again ;)

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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