Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I've always been a big fan of the last of the pre-P38 models myself, classic styling, more practicality and less collectors tax on them...

  • They’ve gone up crazy money the last couple of years, I started looking for a 3 door earlier this summer. Been working on the lwb 4.2v8 this week, I’m blown away by the size of the interior compared to a modern rangey, I can throw in 3 bikes easily without taking the wheels off. I haven’t driven it in a month and found a new leak yesterday. Got some pretty cool cnc’d scuttle vents and a custom coolant metal coolant reservoir gonna try and install this weekend. They really are a money pit but hopefully the end is near.

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  • Saw this last night, I think he’s doing the same Baltic rally I’m registered for in February

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  • Saw some other nice cars in the garage yesterday too.

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  • Absolutely love your RR and those scuttle vents look fantastic!

    That Montreal is so nice, they're such an under appreciated classic supercar compared to all of the other Italian things.

    For a second of scrolling down I thought you had found a Cayman GT4 someone had specced with a pasha interior and I was going to have to come to your building and find the owner and shake his hand but my dreams were shattered when I saw the 928, gorgeous 928 though :)

  • That Montreal is my ultimate dream car. After a proper Alfaholics do over .

  • loving that Volvo and the Montreal. your RR is pretty epic too. nice spots dude

  • Love that 928 interior too, had a chat with the lad that owns the gt4, pretty funny as he was trying to get his kid in the car seat at the time, I asked where his missus sits and his reply was anywhere but in his car.
    The scuttle vents were from a guy in the UK call Dinny Konig he’s got a dog hotel and a restores some interesting stuff he’s on Instagram­ium=copy_link
    He’s just finished up a beautiful 2 door Rangey

  • There's a blue 928 with that amazing interior on Collecting Cars at the moment that I am in love with

  • A couple of weekends ago a mate took some nice pics in NY of some interesting stuff at coffee and cars

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  • That Lancia is absolutely sublime, it absolutely oozes style and taste!

    The Maserati is also absolutely incredible in a more white suit with sneakers and necklace with vial of blow sense.

  • That RUF 964 is near perfect. I used to prefer the 993 but lately i've been loving the more agricultural look of it's predecessor.

    Probably a bit harsh but these C&C events like Goodwood and Brooklands leave me feeling a bit dead inside. It just feels like some tech or finance gazzillionaire woke up one day and decided "i want a RZB/DDK/RUF Porsche to make me stand out" and then pays someone to build them a money no issue car. Alfaholics at CC which i used to go to seems to have a similar vibe which is a real shame.

    Probably just getting old and grumpy about the fact classic prices have gone nuts.

  • I thought you had found a Cayman GT4 someone had specced with a pasha interior

    Haha i thought exactly the same and thought "finally a bit of originality!"

  • @jono84 I know the feeling it used to be you’d go to a show, they’d have all the pics of the restoration in an old scrap book and be more than happy to chat.

  • Some thieving cunt has had the cat off my Honda frv, presumably it will be a costly replacement? Any security that works for cats?

  • I also thought it was the GT4 that had the Pasha interior at first, which would have been, quite frankly, amazing.

  • Is still love telling e type owners that their cars are just a posh gt6.

    More the reflection the e types have a cheque book restoration and I've yet to see that on a gt6.

  • Depend on damage done while cutting out the cat.

    Are you intending to do the work yourself or pay someone?

  • Pay someone, yes I haven’t had a good look under yet just saw the clean cut on the pipe.

  • Just been back under it, two clean cuts on the pipe and two chopped wires - sensors?
    Doesn’t seem to be any other damage.

  • There will be lambda sensors before and after the cat so any wiring damage too.

    Have a look on the Honda CRV forums as most likely be details of which sensors you need and which cat. Also ones that aren't utter crap

  • I have collected two Toyota Prius from different owners that were each targeted twice for the cats. Neither owner wanted the expense of a catloc on the first occasion but both wanted one after lightening had struck twice. I don't know how good catloc is in resisting attack but if you have one fitted it makes your cat less desirable than an unprotected one down the road.
    Two other Auris were attacked in one street five doors apart at the same time. It is so common however I don't think we've had anything in that had legitimate protection fitted.

  • Unfortunately they don’t seem to do a catloc for the frv. I remain very fucking annoyed about this.

  • Now you have to weigh up the insurance excess plus subsequent renewal increase versus paying for replacement yourself. As @lynx says a Honda forum may have a better handle on this.

  • I feel your pain. Had our Jazz done.

    Getting hold of non OEM parts literally saved about £1100-1200 compared to what Honda quoted (cat, lambda sensor, exhaust mid-pipe).

    Did the replacement myself in the end, as finding a garage that could source cheap parts seemed to be the main hurdle and we were skint at the time.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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