Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • It passed!!!! Fuck yeah

  • Love it. There’s a red coupe near me.

  • I do like the coupe. There’s just something about being able to see the sky and feel the wind on you when you’re driving

  • TL:DR - I think the cars that we will keep are the older ones, which is possibly going to throw up some interesting bargains in ten years.

    How encouraging. I shall continue with the Lexus IS250. It is an unfashionable drive, but I am old and do not care.

  • It is an unfashionable drive, but I am old and do not care.

    "The Japanese Mercedes" 😎

  • Easy now, I've seen a few LS-swapped Lexus drift machines on YouTube... I think they're cool AF...

  • The Toyota Altezza (lexus IS200) is the weapon of choice for youths in NZ. The place is littered with slammed and loud ones piloted by hoody clad snap back wearers

  • Er wind while having a full windscreen ;)

  • @mcmyk First gen IS200 became cheap imports to the UK yet were perfect disposable goods as you could get away with no servicing and no doing anything unless the MOT said so. You could pick up is200 with emission failures sub 100k and needing servicing such as disc and pads for scrap car money.

  • WTF does that mean...can be a taxi?

  • I use these, good for £70 uses a sim card and memory card and you can wire it to immobilise the vehicle which you can do remotely via the app.
    An £80 yearly subscription for an account is also cheap by tracker standards­51MLV1/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03_s0­0?ie=UTF8&psc=1

  • That’s just the sort of thing I was thinking of. Thanks.

  • Have all the wankers that owned these Audis and similar BMW and volvos moved on long enough that the association is lost?

    How bad is the scuttle shake on yours ;)

  • Sorry, but after a few issues with others on this forum about comments I have made and I am described a liar by some I have no compulsion to share my knowledge (which is supposed to be google based so why would you need me) nor acquaintances anymore.

    Feel free to contact those that question my knowledge as no longer offering my friends or acquaintances for their help. But mention me to my acquaintances for a minimum 25% cost increase. One of you did and failed the knowing me test.

  • I won’t deny there’s plenty characters to avoid on here.

  • Are they ok on the car battery? We removed my OEM one as it drained the battery in a couple of weeks.

  • I leave my 996 unlocked otherwise the alarm system drains the battery really pretty fast.

    I'd point out that it's in a garage.

  • Without a lock on it.

  • True.

  • what sort of plonker would nick a 996 cabriolet?

  • One that had driven one.

  • Someone looking for a cheap alternative to skip hire?

  • Before I eBay them, any interest in:

    Thule (192) Evo flush mounted roof rail feet (4) no. 710600
    Thule Evo WingBars: Thule (96) Evo 108cm WingBars (2) no. 711100
    Adapter Kit: Thule flush rail adapter kit no. 6021

    Also have two additional sets of 4 matching Thule locks.

  • Scuttle shake? Nothing shakes on it. Although it’s becoming rust over time.

    It’s garaged with a dehumidifier to lessen the rust.

    I wouldn’t mind doing a spraying course. As it looks like it was resprayed a while ago and it’s not the best. Although saying that me painting might not be such a great idea

  • Sorry off my meds, yep genuinely off my SSRI and not coping well with cold turkey.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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