Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • So snapped torsion bars or collapsed bearings?

    Replacing the whole beam? Going for new or recon?

    Doing the work yourself, or getting a garage to do it?

  • All I know is I'm not doing myself, I haven't got the back for it at the mo.
    Looks like replacing the whole beam assembly isn't too pricey. Add it on to the front shocks, clutch and tyres though and it's been a pricey year for the Berlingo, @Dammit would be proud!

  • Bloody hell, serious work going on!

    Any tips on replacing a DMF? AUTODOC have a Valeo kit, and the LUK kits are available online.
    Also, any recommendations for diff and gearbox oil?

    Also, anyone been stung with import fees on parts from AUTODOC? Had small bits, but will probably have £4-500 worth of bits on my next order.

  • @Dammit

    I have no affiliation with these folk they are just along the road from my work. They've got brand new vans for sale..

  • all the unloved ones have died or are on the way.

    Yeah absolutely. There used to loads of e46 330i’s for a grand - seems a lot of them must’ve just be driven into the ground.
    Hoping that my e46 won’t be a dud - one owner, 76k miles and a reasonable service history, although I’m not sure anything major was done in that time.
    New clutch and DMF will be the first “big” job.

  • Thanks @Nef yes I stripped out the interior trims and seats at home, then removed engine and gearbox at my mates garage and transported the body to the body shop, Obviously any 32 year old car has got some rust lurking I have supplied panels accrued over the last six years, two new wings, a bonnet, sills, rear right boot pocket but also had to drop off a front left door and sunroof panel this week, going for a full colour change to San Marino Blue so a lot of work involved, can't wait to get it back and rebuild it.

    Dual Mass Flywheel is straight forward, gearbox and clutch removal, lock the flywheel in position so the engine doesn't turn and undo the flywheel bolts, and remove.

    Fitting make sure the dowels are in place and refit with new bolts, align and refit the clutch [if it is a self adjusting clutch you will need to reset it, if it is new it will come with a lock ring in place that you don't remove until it is bolted up. then refit the gearbox and other bits.

    Gearbox & diff oils I have always used genuine BMW oils but you can go on the 'Opie Oils website' and look for equivalents.

  • if ever you need spares Nick Jupp specialises in E46 spares, based in Swanley edge of South East London 07828322483

  • I’m up north but will deffo keep a note of the guys number for the future - cheers.

    I’ll be getting a garage to fit the DMF. Don’t have the time or energy to try and do it off my back on the driveway tbh.
    Just spoke to a local guy and he wants to source the parts (that is to say he doesn’t want me to buy them). So waiting on a price. Looking online the kits can be anywhere from £300-1000 so need him to get back to me with a price for parts. He reckons £300 for labour. I don’t mind putting £700 aside for it, I’m less inclined to throw £1300 at it.

    Will get control arm bushings done at the same time too, along with diff and gearbox oils. Hopefully it won’t bankrupt me.

  • Steve Peels 5 series has rekindled my desire for one. Will there be any left in summer '22?

  • The 130i is now booked in for all the various bodywork maladies to be addressed. £550 and will be done in January. Also sorted the wheels, the originals were corroded and ugly. Refurb would have been £400 and I’d lose the car for a week. I found some immaculate used wheels from a 3 series on eBay for £350, nothing fancy but very correct looking. They’re now on and fitted with a brand new set of Michelin Cross-climates.

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  • Check who supplies the rear beam. Look on the Citroen website as there are some horror stories on new beams.

    When we did my friends he got a recon one. That beam had grease nipples fitted and will filled the rear beam with grease. Think it was a recommendation on a forum.

  • Can't remember how far up north you are. There is a business that does the Jag X type clutch and dmf for £500 supplies a Luk clutch and dmf

  • Leeds. Any other details about this place?

  • Are trackers still a thing (for security, not for snooping)? Anyone use one? How much is reasonable for the annual monitoring fee?

  • Will Pm you his details when he answers.

  • Might be worthwhile asking/looking on facebook stolen car/motorbike groups to see which trackers actually have successfully returned cars or which ones to avoid.

    Reminds me of the Swiss lambo that disappeared in Ikea Tottenham carpark.­hini-worth-250000-was-miraculously-found­-2017-8

  • Nice one thanks

  • On car insurance all. be aware of the changes coming in January about levelling up between switchers and loyallers.

    And in general this advice from MSE ""We analysed over 70 million quotes, and found the optimum time to get new car insurance quotes is 23 days ahead of renewal (21 days for home), but anytime around three weeks is good. Leave it later and car insurance prices can almost double because insurers' algorithms show those who get new quotes earlier are a lower risk (the rise is far less steep with home insurance)."

  • I noticed this made a big difference when you’re down to the wire. Difference of a day or two literally made price change up to £100. I’ve left my car uninsured on the driveway for a day or so to dodge the last minute price hike.
    Will actually try and do it in advance properly this year.

  • Yeah having not owned motors for nearly 25 years I realised last year I need to be a bit more clever about timing. The E46 is due for renewal in January so need to make sure I am not too pissed over the whole of Christmas to take care of bit of admin. Might even sort really early as reckon January might be bit brutal. But no crystal ball so not sure.

  • Might even sort really early as reckon January might be bit brutal.

    Exact same boat. It’s due Jan 5. Actually makes more sense to do it early December before Christmas rinses too many of my funds.

  • My cars gone in for an MOT this morning 🤞🏼

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  • That is fucking HAWT.

  • It’s a 20 footer. I’m in the process of overhauling the suspension. I want it to sparkle. But baby steps

  • A classic, always loved those...

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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