Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • No colour Volvo 240 looks excellent no matter what you do to it.

  • Er. Black n gold is one of the best. Tried and tested.

  • @Dammit should buy this car

  • ^ copper

  • Ney rose gold. ffs

  • Not enough cylinders I suspect.

  • It would look better in red. Or with silver wheels. Or both.

  • Following the Abarth500 discourse I'm really into this with @Nahguavkire esque chonky tyres.

    (also kind of hits the gold wheels chat too)

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    • 500gold wheels.jpg
  • Strosek wid da noise.

  • Chonky tyres FTW

  • Nice Countach style wheels. 964 RS with the front arch lips removed?

  • Would look better with the wheels matching the gold of the JPS.

  • No, that is copper. As moocher said.

  • From teh web...

    'Factory records indicate that chassis 4882 was finished on November 29, 1971, as production number 627. The original paint color was Fly Yellow with a black leather interior. The car was originally delivered to Lamborghini dealer Carpanelli in Rome, who reportedly sold it new to a gentleman in Switzerland.

    The second owner received the Lamborghini Miura SV in California in 1978 and later sold it to well-known restorer Miles Espensen in completely original condition. In 1990, Espensen stripped 4882 to bare metal and painted it black. The black leather was still very good, so it was left untouched. Shortly after being painted, 4882 was sold to Paul Forbes. Forbes liked the beautiful black paint but wanted the silver wheels and black rocker panels finished with the Miura SV


    accent color.'

  • This is a red and gold SV one of the original rhd

    But then this looks yellow more than gold

    While this one looks orange

  • Let me guess more on a one series volvo fan ;)

  • New, smaller wheels fitted.

    Could do with some bigger tyres. Oh well... Still pretty happy with the result. Looks like a miniature car now.

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    • 20210929_095351.jpg
  • Love it. Looks better on the small rims, more purposeful. Deffo needs some meaty tyres on there.

  • Ideally get a longer spline tool and go in at the 9 O'Clock position not 6 O'Clock

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  • that looks ace. proper fun car to drive I reckon.

  • A t handle drive with swivel should also work. 1/4 for 6mm bolts should be fine to have a better accessibility/ passage.

  • Our Golf Mk2 GTD is back for it's yearly round of cooling problems. It's been good as gold for over a year but seems to have saved everything up to go wrong together... It's acting very weird, seems to heat up quicker than it should and gets to about 75% on the dial before slowly moving back and forth between 50 and 75%. Does seem to be getting worse and is now creeping over 75%. Garage don't know what is up with it, think it could possibly be a split in the turbo letting air in. It's had a new head, rad, expansion tank and cap and thermostat all within the last year or so. Interestingly I thought it could be the thermo again (as it was building up pressure when revved on the drive then it would dump a ton of coolant out of the expansion tank before the fan would come on briefly) however when I changed to a brand new thermostat the problem actually became worse. Any ideas? Garage has done a sniffer test and there's no signs of gases in it. Also no pressure still in system when its cooled down. Struggling to know what to do with this one!

  • For tight spots like driveshaft bolts it's great to have an array of tools just for that.
    I have one of these:­ortment-Restricted-Confined-ENGINEER/dp/­B00B4TECTQ
    one each of the flexi and right-angled drill/screwdriver adaptors:­river-Extension-Impact-Adapter/dp/B083PZ­DQL9/
    and a springy flexible screwdriver like this:­1-Hand-Holder-173-5/dp/B08H27887Q/

  • Has the garage done a pressure test in the system?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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