Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Yup, it dumped all its water on the 2nd lap, and he had to stop.

  • I did not know these existed. Not that cheap from a quick look on eBay.

    I fucking love the interiors on Alphas. Why can't others do the same sort of stuff, or would it just look shit if they did?

  • I’m even less of a fan. I absolutely detest noisy cars. I’m sure there’s a psychological explanation for the desire to drive one. I don’t think it indicates what the drivers hope it does.

  • Just post it there. It's still alive.

    Once you have an electric car (fuck calling them EVs) it seems like it makes a lot of financial sense to drive it all the time because the journey cost is very cheap (even less than petrol car). Don't see how this won't result in more car journeys.

  • Loud pipes save lives...

    But there is a reason that older Racing drivers are deaf or very hard of hearing.

    Is it engine, induction or exhaust noise that causes the damage or wind noise?

  • Can anyone recommend good places for breaker parts that isn’t ebay or Facebook? Looking for a wing panel to replace on an 09 Volvo V50.

  • (straight) Pipes if car, wind if bike.

  • Isn't there a specialist Volvo breaker in Croydon and another Norfolk way. There are still a few car breakers on the old A13 I think. Ferry lane area but that site is where all the old shipping containers end up stacked...

    Or give Redcar near Tottenham a call. Just round the corner from Tottenham ikea

  • Thanks - I will check these out 👍

  • No idea, just talking but I think in open cars wind noise is a factor as your head in in the air stream.

    Proper race or rally cars with no sound deadening or material to stop vibration noise are loud. Like vans with or without headling, those without headling just amplify the sound as the sound bounces off the hard surface.

  • No mention of one of the 928 used in risky business, the one Tom was taught to drive stick in being sold at auction recently­ars/tom-cruise-porsche-928-risky-busines­s-auction/amp/

    Sold more than George Harrison 928, but that was almost a parts car.

  • The standard seven engine doesn't have a water often wondered about the sportified models.

    There have been supercharged seven engines without water pumps am amazed that they just don't go pop.

  • There’s a huge Volvo breakers on the A1 North just before the A428 St Neots turnoff

  • Is that the one that part of the site has an old petrol station canapy?

  • Off to view a car tomorrow with the intention to buy - slight worried we're not going to be able to buy enough petrol to get it home!

    Anyone know the issues to look out for on a 2nd hand golf Mk5 (not a high spec one)?

  • Check MOT hisory? Any service history?

  • Great fun this evening trying to replace the cv boots on my Audi 80. The Hayes manual giving fuck instruction

  • Yes I'm on the mot checker, will need to see the proof of services tomorrow.
    Across known suspension issues & rattly engines.

    We'll see, used cars near London has always been a swimming with sharks situation but my partner wants to learn to drive so needs a car (within some very specific parameters).

  • Glue boots are your friend...or if you have access to a compressor stretchy boots.

  • Picked up a C4 G.P. midweek so the spec b is definitely going.
    Based in SE London in case anyone here is potentially interested.

  • Does it have any petrol in it?

  • Why are people talking about petrol as if it's a rare thing? Has the UK become the Thunderdome?

  • Has the UK become the Thunderdome?


    But soon yeah.

  • Why are people talking about petrol as if it's a rare thing?

    Don't live in London anymore, but can't get any where I am.

  • Brexitdome maybe?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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