Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Yeah, I think the purchase will be largely dictated by noise as much as fun should it ever happen.

    Things I am entertaining:

    Boxster- cheap and easily available
    Maserati 4200 - potentially ruinous but sounds good.
    AMG of some kind, as above although maybe less risky.
    996 - getting a bit spendy, not the bargains they used to be....

    Will probably end up with a boxster, although 4 seats would be useful for occasionally getting both kids in....

  • Both BBS and Compomotive have some really nice gold finishes that work well with certain classics.

    But then again i also like Doughboy's Impala with gold Dayton's so maybe i should keep quiet.

  • Always said the Gamera was the ultimate Dad weapon. (Needs a roof box obvs)

    Money aside. #natch

  • I’ll probably find a cheap but decent E500 with a horrifying interior/bland silver exterior and delete significant amounts of exhaust noise management to use for trips that the camper would be cumbersome for and the 996 a little too small. Plus, since the alcantara interior went into the 996 I’m a little less sanguine about wrapping an MTB in a moving blanket and ramming it in.

  • Here’s my mate Ian’s Austin 7, ready to race at Angouleme.

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  • Can you have a custom exhaust made with a cunty noise button like modern cars have? I guess the answer is yes, I’d like to have the 530i sound a bit more rewarding when I put the gearbox in sport mode and give it some welly.

  • This wid a roof box mind...


  • It started well…

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  • Didn’t end so great though

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  • I really love that Ferrari, one of my faves. Love that era of Pininfarina.

  • All this Maserati chat, according to Camissa, the sound is an actual aphrodisiac:

  • It is. Kindig Customs sell them. I think it is called a Zoomie. I would expect there is a UK version somewhere.­/exhaust-cutouts

    While searching for that a few others appeared - Amazon do similar devices.

  • On the gold wheels chat

  • What about a mk5/6 gti? More practical for London / Edinburgh life as well as more fun.

    Or do you just generally prefer bigger cars?

  • Nice one cheers, also occurred to me that you could use an OEM valve too.

  • Guessing you've seen the 6 second 240 thats doing Drag Week at the moment?

  • Yes- that’s very slightly past the point that I’d want a car to be in terms of modification. To run 10 seconds is ~700 bhp, to run 6.5 is ~2,500+.

    Amazing thing though- they’re leaving the line at 2g, with a pushrod V8 and a four link.

  • I’ve never been a big fan of loud exhausts, as it’s a bane for everyone around you - but love the idea of a loud button. Would a cutout that big make a meaningful difference in performance?

  • Depends very much on where you put it - if you (say on a turbo charged car) put the valve pre-cat/post down-pipe then it’s going to be loud, and you’re rolling the dice on whether it’s nice loud or awful. But - most power.

    My estate has four cats, two per side, and two sets of silencers - a valve that bypasses a cat/silencer per side would lift the volume a lot but likely leave the same tone.

    Or you could put the cut-out post cat but pre-silencer (the Porsche Cup cars ran with just cats) which is emission friendly but still very noisy.

    Turbo cars can sound quite good just with a high-flow cat, as the turbo itself takes a lot of noise energy out of the exhaust gas.

  • Breakdown not crash I hope

  • That is so awesome. I really need a long bonnet RWD V8 back in my life again.

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  • I have no idea. I’ve seen them on Kindigs tv programme and I like the idea of it. I would presume that removing the back boxes should increase power a bit as it could improve gas flow - it may depend on the location of the zoomie. No doubt others here will know more.

  • In sad car news, moving to Hoxton has made my car insurance prohibitively expensive and the Volvo is going to have to go early. I was hoping to hold onto it until March next year but needs must. If anyone is interested I'd be asking £2.5k for it. This includes over a grand of work and servicing done in the last year for some jobs that are generally needed around 100k. All the work was done by Amber Garage, a Volvo specialist in Shoreham. Its a C70 petrol, 2.4ltr and runs excellent including a fully working roof. If anyone is interested PM and I can provide some more details

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  • My neighbour's kid has picked up an Alfa 147 GTA. A combo of sensible small car outside and 3L v6 inside, and you see far fewer of them than the Abarth 595s.

  • Rarer still the Alfa GT with that 3.2 v6 in it.
    And a Busso V6 through a Regazzon exhaust sounds way better than that Maser V8.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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