Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Haha oh yeah, she’ll have to be careful of high speed lift.

  • The Dodge Darts were around for 20-ish years from the 60s-late 70s. Those were the "compact cars" (believe it or not) and were pretty common as taxis in their 4 door version. That particular one seems to be channelling the fastback style of the Dodge Road Runners which might explain why it evokes the the bad guy muscle car thing.

    However, stylistically they would be close to the Plymouth/Dodge/Chrysler C-body which was the full size, instead of the "compact" car. The C-series was the classic police car from the 70s with the Plymouth Fury Police 440 in the late 70s as the pinnacle of the pursuit models. The same C-series also gave us the 1974 Dodge Monaco police car - a.k.a. The Bluesmobile.

    All of the Chicago Police cars in that film would have been Plymouth Furies too.

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    • Bluesmobile_at_House_of_Blues_Dallas_-_3-4_view.jpg
  • That pic was taken in the lowlands of Stockwell, but could very well be the same car.

    It almost looks light enough that you could push it up the hill on your own if it was wheezing too much to make it under its own steam. I'd love to see a real world test in some UK rain of how water tight the roof is when its up.

  • Awesome, thanks. Fury is such a cool name for a car. Those old cop cars with black wheels and no hubcaps look more badass than the baddies cars.

  • Fairly current Maserati drove past me this afternoon- every time I hear one I really, really want one. Or, rather, a car that sounds like that but is an estate.

  • is the EV thread dead? I wanted to post this there.

    "What we have to do is make radical changes to the way we use our network. We have to get back into buses - buses make sense - and if you're in a car in front of the bus you're part of the problem because you're delaying that bus and making it harder for people to get to town in a considerate way."

  • Those old cop cars with black wheels and no hubcaps look more badass than the baddies cars.

    Bandit's T-top 1977 Firebird Trans Am the sole exception. Obvs.

  • Does a GTC Lusso count?

  • Does it have a flat plane crank V8?

  • Ha! Amazing you should mention that now, as I was about to post this, not a T-top one by the looks but still.

    We've discussed before and I think we all agreed it is one of the few cars that actually looks good with gold wheels. I love the rear wrap around window, but the crime I absolutely cannot forgive, and has my cringe gland throbbing at full intensity, is the the bone front number plate holder.

  • Read something similar on here before, didn't go down well.

    I had a very good lecturer at uni over 10 years ago that also said the very same thing.

  • one of the few cars that actually looks good with gold wheels

    As standard or does that include aftermarket? I can think of good number of cars that look great with gold wheels

  • You just have to lighten your wallet a bit.

  • Tom has reserved the right to buy one of those first.

  • I think we were mostly discussing iconic stock ones before, individual taste obvs but personally I still think gold wheels mostly don't work.

  • Hmm i cant think of all that many but this is the standard to beat for gold wheels. Tho more bronze i guess but it just looks right and stock ofc.

  • Can you say shit like that in this country without getting a brick through the window?

  • Thinking about something fun when we move and I have a garage and I noticed when idly browsing that the 4200 can be acquired for not a huge amount....

  • Yep, turns out it's the same one, found a photo I took of it up in Forest Hill almost 10 years ago:

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  • Speaking of red on gold.

    One of these outside my work other day...

    Hope it goes to Brooklands on the 10th.

  • TBH (talking about noise) I’m mildly addicted to drag racing videos on YouTube. I’d love a 10 second Volvo 245 with a turbo charged 454.

  • I have resigned myself to settling for an FF because I am poor, so you can go gtc lusso if you wish.

  • Excellent! Really hope its papped again 10 years from now when its over 100 years old.

  • Cheap you say?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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