Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • 200 cell cat will a) pass a standard MOT (when nice and hot) and b) provide very little restriction for a turbo-charged engine. If you were chasing every single horsepower then fine - test pipe/decat. I've got 200 cell cats in my car and (in conjunction with the X-pipe) they made a huge difference to the sound (in a good way).

  • I bought it from an Abarth specialist, and they said it was a factory fitted option (I asked if they thought I should mention exhaust to insurance provider, and they said not to bother as it was a factory fitted option, not a mod)…… they could well have been bull shitting me though, but I assumed they were telling the truth as it only came up after we agreed a sale…. so didn’t think they had a reason to lie!

  • Agreed, I had a 200 cell cat in my Abarth and sounded fine, but with decat they rasp in a very annoying way, as well as being very loud. Peculiarity of that engine and exhaust design. Also I failed the MOT emissions even with a hot 200 cell cat, consensus was that it should have been remapped. Engine not very tolerant, I merrily drilled all the guts out of my MR2 turbo cat and it sailed through emissions.

  • Head gasket can leak in to the coolant without mixing with oil, so get a CO2 leak detector test and a good pressure test done, water pumps and radiators can get small leaks that blow off as steam rather than drip so look for stains of antifreeze around those areas, park over a blanket when hot and see if there are any stains in the morning, also check your carpet around the heater box inside in case there are any leaks in the heater matrix.

  • You can get some to hold a MOT co2 tester over the coolant screw tap ( can't think of the word)

    Cardboard under the engine bay is better than a blanket, as there is tell marks on the cardboard.

  • It was me that posted the head enquiry- i’m so grateful to lynx and fixed wheel nut for the help- i have it booked in at First Diesel Injection in Croydon on wednesday and will take your thoughts with me.

  • Dude round the corner from me has got a slightly shabby E39 M5, might ask if I can buy it in the hope he doesn't know what he's driving

  • I saw a ph1 Clio v6 storming in to town yesterday. Just looked it up on MOT history check out of curiosity and it's got to 125k miles, which must mean it's in somewhat daily use. Considerably more miles than any I've seen come up for sale, the guy is getting his money's worth.

  • ph1 Clio v6

    Dream car when I was a kid. Did someone on here say that the v6 was actually more sluggish than some of the other sport options? Still, absolutely love the madness of it.

  • Does anyone run a dehumidifier in their garage. I’ve just put one in mine and it’s definitely dryer in there.

    The question is would it be more effective inside the car?

  • Those Porsche interiors were barmy back then. For that kind of money why not go 944?

  • Wouldn't like to pay more than 6k for it really.

    944s are beautiful but a different vibe - also, this 924 is Tax, Ulez and potentially MOT exempt!

  • First diesel, when I used them years ago were great on an xm pump retiming/cambelt replacement.

  • 924 and 944 have really gone up in value...

    @Light_EDDed there were a few interesting interiors a brown draylon type and a multi coloured beach chair type

  • Buy a shabby one, spend the cost of a nice one putting it right.

  • Tax, Ulez and potentially MOT exempt!

    I've been keeping tabs on early 924's for a while now for this exact reason. Not sure if this applies to all early non S versions but this'll likely be Audi power unit and running gear with drum brakes on the rear. Much cheaper to service than normal Porsche but won't be as nice to drive.

    But it still has the 5 speed box, pop up headlights and you can get a roof rack on it so i still want one.

  • Eh Dammit?

  • A couple of old English convertibles, a 92 year old Austin 7 Chummy or 'pram hood' still on the road in south London. Equipped with an eye watering 700cc engine thumping out 7hp. Some bicycles these days have fatter tyres than this, and look at that massive steering wheel!

    I can't help but imagine the mangled metal, broken glass, splintered bone and teeth of the poor Austin driver if that ever crashed into this

    And saw this 1970 Dodge GT today that instantly conjured up an image of a movie baddie, but not sure if its more likely a car driven by the cops in TV and film, maybe @Aroogah has more of an idea.

  • Went, fearing the worst, to see my septuagenarian mother’s new Bongo Friendee camper she’s just bought and it’s a proper sweet little JDM nugget. Just needs gold mesh split-rims and it’s a winner.

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  • Spoiler needs moving up a good few feet too ;)

  • Yeh but u wouldn't see the bumper.

    Form follows funktion?

  • That is the greatest vehicle name ever

  • a 92 year old Austin 7 Chummy or 'pram hood' still on the road in south London. Equipped with an eye watering 700cc engine thumping out 7hp. Some bicycles these days have fatter tyres than this, and look at that massive steering wheel!

    Is this Forest Hill by any chance? Remember regularly seeing a blue Austin 7 up there. I assume it got towed up as I'm not confident in its ability to get up those hills!

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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