Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Second time this year and second car this year I've had this happen to on my road. Fucking bus drivers. No note, nothing.

    Last time I claimed on insurance which only cost me my excess and didn't effect no claims, but premium is up 50% for next year. Unsure what to do this time, it's hit the wheel again so concerned there may be hidden mechanical issues beyond the bodywork repair.

    Any advice?

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  • Ah fucking hell man that’s shit luck. Time to get a dash cam/cctv?

  • Yep, was just looking at some. Any recommendations here?

  • Not sure where you are but I remember when I used to get the #3 bus down Croxted road (narrow as fuck) that there would rarely be a day that a wing mirror or something wasn't dinged. I noticed that the bus drivers would just call it in on the radio, make a note in their notebook and carry on. Maybe call the local depot and see if any of the drivers on the routes past your car have reported it, or turned up with blue scratches of a similar height?

  • It's a good shout. I went to the catford bus garage earlier and there wasn't a manager to speak to. Going back tomorrow morning.

    Last time I filled out the form on the TFL site and never got a reply

  • After doing my first weekend away in the Passat with a dog and a baby -

    Should I get the low profile Thule Edge cross bars or the raised type with a foot pack?

    which roof box should i buy?

  • I found this guide (and site) helpful. Although we decided to park buying one for now.

  • I've got a 330l behemoth from ^ in my garage, waiting for my aerobars to be delivered...

  • My driving licence finally turned up from the DVLA last week after a 3 month wait.

    I'm looking at hiring a car for next weekend. Enterprise rents to new drivers if they are over 30 but it's £150 for Saturday-Monday.
    Does anyone know of any other companies worth looking at? Zipcar etc requires a valid licence for over a year before you can use them.

  • Does anyone know of any other companies worth looking at?

    almost literally no1 other than Enterprise I think. Even then I'd read their small print unless they just outright say no once you input your license date.

  • You can check if there are any Turo cars in your area. Which is like airbnb for cars... The price goes up once you include insurance etc though (and fuel is not included, unlike Enterprise which provides you with a fuel card)

  • Thanks, sadly Turo/Alliance require two years of qualified driving before you can get insured.

    Looks like Enterprise is the only option.

  • Thanks, sadly Turo/Alliance require two years of qualified driving before you can get insured.

    Are you sure? Last time I checked Turo didn't, but I never actually used it...

  • It's not Turo, it's Alliance who give the insurance cover. They won't insure someone for this service without 2 years on the road.

  • Finally picked up some 2118 wheels for my Clio - wrapped in Yokohama Ad08r Semi-slicks. Perfect time of year for it.

    Can't wait to have them fitted up.

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  • Absolutely love it. Always feel tempted each time I see one for sale!

  • Saw a mint blue one today and got the pangs again too.

  • Looks so much fun.

  • Abarth had stage one remap today. I’m pretty astonished with the difference TBH.

    The torque is just nuts for such a small car.

    I really can’t be bothered to remove the Abarth graphics. And I’ve kind of come to terms with them now, so I think they will most likely stay put.

  • Told you so ! Does it pop and bang?
    Mine did only rarely but I have heard some that are awful.
    Enjoy .
    Ditch the graphics , go for the sleeper look.

  • Popping and banging is bad? I tweaked the fuel map on my race car for extra pops'n'bangs. It was most effective. And pleasing.

  • It’s got a Magnetti Marelli Bombardone exhaust fitted as a factory option (which deletes the back box) so the exhaust has always made right racket. It’s even louder now. 2nd & 3rd sound like a damn rally car now 😂

    It sounds better than my old M13i with M performance exhaust system did IMO. It’s also about 85% more fun to drive than the M135i.

  • I like the graphics, suits it.

  • Didn't realise Bombardone was available as factory option? Don't think it's actually homologated for road use in the UK. Either way it's the most popular aftermarket exhaust for the reasons you list. Whatever you do, don't decat it, it sounds ridiculous.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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