Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Tbh I was just using it as an example of an affordable EV - again, the reality of what the second hand market is like in a few years time is yet to be seen.

  • getting a garage bill for "more than it's worth" for something routine (brakes, tyres, suspension bits, etc)

    Seems familiar... I just paid a bill for new rear suspension and a few other bits that was ~50% of my car's value.

    Sounds worse than it is when the car is cheap. Chucking it and buying another one of the same is just like starting the whole defect lottery from square one.

  • Blanking off is an option but it also requires new software which my Audi mechanic is rather reluctant to promote. Blank plate is £4 on eBay! Software to be priced if I go that route.

  • Odd you mention that, the guys in a motor factors shop suggested this but with a lot of caution. They had cleaner to clean it but stated you ‘need to know what you are doing’ as it heats up. I have no idea what they meant. I don’t think it’s a diy job as access is limited below the car.

  • VW workshops used to offer this as an alternative to replacing the EGR valve, but you generally had to kick up a stink first.

  • I think I’m beyond VAG dealers now with the car at 14 years old. A change of car is probably needed - oddly I hate this A6 and my mechanic bought my last A6 - it’s still going strong and just needs two new wings fitted. I regret the sale - so much!

  • Sounds worse than it is when the car is cheap. Chucking it and buying another one of the same is just like starting the whole defect lottery from square one.

    Exactly. If you've had the car a few years then you'll have a good idea of the faults and repair history. Finding a 2nd hand car with an honest seller and decent service/repair history can be difficult.

  • On all electric cars do you own the battery or lease it.

  • On the flip side you have the allure of going from one £500 banger to the next, lol. Many of my mates loved doing it, occasionally ending up with something that went for years.

  • Try one of those in fuel things first for the EGR, some are snake oil while others aren't.

    AC will likely be lots of money or just a regas. Anywhere that could test the system...kwik fit?

    Will you be doing the work yourself or paying someone?

  • Used to buy MOT failures and fix them then sell them or buy and sell cars that I wanted to try.

  • On my mechanics advice I’m trying this at the moment. Too early to say if it’s working.
    Re. The AC - there are local guys who can check and repair but I’m pondering any investment at the moment and temperatures have lowered over the past few days so I can cope.

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  • Prolly better than anything post 90s.

  • BMW water pump was 940 quid to replace. Ball sacks.

  • Bimmer rookie numbers.

  • Oh fuck.


    Bimmer rookie numbers.

    I did lol.

  • Nissan Leaf battery is currently circa £5k to replace. The warranty covering the Nissan Leaf battery is 96 months or 100,000 miles and they estimate 10 years expected lifespan .. I don't know the lifespan of other batteries, but currently looks to me that these EVs are going to be worthless and scrap after a few years second hand.

    I'd be interested to see the numbers (financial and green) for keeping and old ICE car running vs EVs. Although I guess the future will bring more innovative battery solutions.

  • The trick on older diesels (XUD) was to replace the fuel filter and fill fuel filter with injector cleaner and diesel then Italian tune up. Worked great of smoky diesels that weren't trashed. No idea with modern electric injectors. Have taken petrol injectors and cleaned them off the car but is the injector nozzle is worn there is nothing that can fix that.

    Have had friends used egr cleaners in fuel and that worked to turn the eml off so did the job.

    Then I do like doing oil changes, and filters. Cleaning the engine bay, not by pressure washing either.

  • How many hours work was that?

    Was that pump, coolant and new belt?

  • Nice colour, nice wheels and WTF is happening to the rear.

  • Liqui poly diesel purge FTW. Hard to get in the UK, but used it on so many cars /vans to clean them up a bit. Doesn't fix bad timing /nozzles /pumps/compression. But does help sort out sticky pintels on mechanical injectors, gummed up nozzles, gummed up fuel pump advances etc.

    Noticed many modern diesels the fuel filter doesn't have a water drain. Do all mine every 6 months and always shocked by the milkshake /emulsified mess that comes out the bottom (not a lot, likely only 20 to 50ml) of a diesel fuel filter. Can imagine the havoc that any decent amount of water would cause in a hp diesel pump.

  • I suspect that how the additive works will depend on the build up. The annoying thing is I can’t avoid traffic so as I try to get the valve cleaned, I’m adding more. Frustrating

  • Liqui moly - the stuff from Wurth group?
    At those prices I hope they work.

    Think that modern diesels the whole system (lift pump in a fuel tank, fuel line and then higher pressure pump) is pressurised so the fuel system including the filter needs to be more air tight (is that right, increased pressure so that increased the susceptibility to pressure loss?) That is the think that I think that sealed diesel filters need to be emptied/changed more often.

  • A new one for me. A double cab ute Peugeot 505­p-double-cabine-gruau/

  • Image ..

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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