Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I’ve got a roomster too, great car, but can’t understand why a popemobile has a tiptronic gearbox!

  • Both yeti and roomster have quite a following.

  • Which twin air, as there is the 105bhp one that I drove that and it was fun. Either use the torque to change up at 2k or drive it italian style.

    Have heard of someone fitting the twin air to an x1/9 as the twin air has the same bhp as a 1.3 uno turbo engine and is smaller and lighter.

  • Well, it’s getting delivered on Tuesday, so will report back on MPG (not so) LOLZ.

    Can’t decide if I should ditch the red Abarth boy racer graphics or not….. head says yes, heart says no.

  • Tricky one.

    All or nothing?

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  • .

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  • Yeah, it doesn't need the side stripes... but it also kinda does somehow

    There's an old one on eBay which looks a hoot too

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  • Just embrace it. It's a silly car with silly graphics, enjoy it and laugh at all the serious and sensible people in their silver Honda jazz or Toyota Yaris.

  • I think that is why the 695 Biposto is so nice...

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  • EBay link?

  • Is that a sliding Perspex window? Awesome. I'll have to dig it out but I did a sketch of a 500 once... Except it was a tiny Ute. Suzuki mighty boy style.

  • Ditch the graphics , I bought one from new and had the silly stickers etc removed.
    Mind you mine was blue with yellow stickers so was ultra lairy.
    I also went back to the smaller standard wheels as it stopped it tramlining so badly .
    Enjoy it! they are fucking mental and so loud even with the stock exhaust. Oh and get it mapped, mine had 180 odd bhp in the end.

  • so loud even with the stock exhaust.

    Isn't the sound on these 'enhanced' ?

  • I've got a Ford Ka Zetec, I'm sure the floor pan is, shared with the Fiat 500.

    Quite possibly the most hateful car I have ever owned and the final humiliation having had a 400 plus BHP methanol injected Impreza fettled by Roger Clark Motorsport...

  • Not sure what is worse stereotype tbf.

    Impreza or Abarth 500.

  • Decals, you can easily get any colour you want if you want to retain them yet turn down the contrast.

    The only way the sound is enhanced is through engine and exhaust design, nothing clever.

    I agree that the ride was never better than when on 16"s, should also consider one cheap mod and that's to swap the rear bumpstops to Fiat Coupe ones as the standard ones don't allow much travel so are fairly easily hit on uneven roads.

  • Any Grand Picasso owners (petrol or diesel) care to report on real life reliability?
    (Reading about electronic gremlins a plenty which is a bit worrying)

  • Had a C8 and then 2 grand Picasso Al diesel, the last one being a 1.6 turbo jobby.

    The last one had turbo issues and an oil leak. Rear lock on the tailgate with a mind of its own and fan working randomly.

    Just remembered it broke the NS front spring

    That aside always actually started and went from A to B, never needed Green Flag and as family cars were trashed.... Don't ever remember washing it, got vacuumed once a year for summer holiday trip when it got a roof box fitted. Had as much affection for it as the toaster in the kitchen

  • Alitalia livery is amazing!!!

  • Sorry nothing specific to add, only that people who get problems write about them in forums, those who don’t, don’t. I may always have been lucky but I’ve rarely suffered any of the common issues I’ve researched when buying a used car, I think often they’re a lot less common than the internet will have you believe. Maybe that or I’ve wilfully ignored the warnings because I’ve irrationally decided I must have that car.

  • I am not really into cars, I am more into lazy indie guitar bands of the late 1980s, but I met this today and thought I should share it.

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  • I like the graphics but red is a bit much - Would look great with anthracite graphics and mirrors, or maybe even black on black.

  • Coming up to a year since I bought the E63, thought I’d work out what the fuel costs have been- around £3,300 so far appears to be the answer. That’s the largest single cost, and I think also larger than all other costs taken together.

  • That means nothing without mileage….

    Tesla since I picked it up in December:

    8,122 miles
    £260 (approx)

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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