Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Definitely worth it, 20yo dampers on a high performance car? Safety>pop pop

  • You are supposed to change both dampers on the same axle if one dies, same as springs.

  • I suspect modern dampers will make the car go faster than a new exhaust, also.

  • I did my driving test in 1998 and passed on the third attempt, first test the brake servo exploded during the emergency stop, tester failed me, got out and walked off, luckily I was by my nans so I could pop in for a panda pop and a cupcake

  • Hivemind,

    Would you rather buy a cheaper newer cleaner (2013) car on 100k miles or or less tidy one on 75k (2011) ?
    The price difference is quite significant although both are cheapos.
    Both Gd Picasso diesel.

  • Cleaner = better service history then more miles. 100k on diesel isn't much.

  • I'd probably go for the 100k one if the car is generally better condition and has coherent service history

  • Thanks.
    I prefer the 2013 one too.
    First time buying a diesel so wasn't sure.

    I was hankering after a petrol Outback but they're hard to find without huge mileage.

  • What engine diesel? The 1.6?

  • Yes
    Manual transmission (to be safe)

    Any good?
    Or should I stay away?

  • That 1.6 engine has its issues (1: leaking injector leading to turbo oil feed blockage leading to failed turbo, 2: difficult to get to EGR valve that causes drop off in power when it’s dirty) but they are widely known about these days.
    Same engine is in Peugeot, Ford, Volvo, Mini and I think 1 series BMW.

    My issue with it is (in my Focus) that it’s too slow, but that’s just a preference.

  • I suspect modern dampers will make the car go faster than a new exhaust, also.

    I can imagine that's true, but I eventually want to put the Revo (or similar) remap on it which has the intercooler, air filter and exhaust as a recommended pre-req. I'll get there eventually..

  • Up to you, but I'd go in the following order:

    • Tyres
    • Suspension
    • Brakes
    • Engine and transmission
  • Very German, now reverse that order if you want to do it California style.

  • @Dammit is right but missing one crucial thing. 1: Learn how to drive fast.

  • Very German, now reverse that order if you want to do it California style.

    I think, given the aspirations for my Focus, it's much closer to Essex than California style :)

  • it's much closer to Essex than California style

    Well in that case just cut the springs down with a hacksaw and double the tyre pressure ;)

    I've never driven a focus ST but assume it's more than handy enough for public road speeds? I could be wrong but i believe you can get away with upgrading tyres if you keep the sizing the same but once you "uprate" the shocks you're into modified car territory with your insurers. If it were me i'd probably just be looking to replace the shocks with decent OEM replacements (Bilstein B4 type thing), check/replace the bushes, put a good set of stock sixed tyres on and have the tracking done. That way it should handle as well as intended with perhaps a touch more grip.

    Obviously if you want to do track or feel like your hitting the limit of the car on the road then other options are available.

  • Yes, it's already more than it needs to be, especially given 90% of it's use is pottering around West London and school pickups. However, I really like it and kind of want to embrace the pointlessness / silliness of going through modifying it.

    The insurance is a good call, I should check. It probably won't matter to them but I'm not going full coil over, the Bilsteins/springs I'd be putting on are (I believe) the same one's that you'd get if you got the Mountune version of the car from new - which isn't classified as being modified for insurance.

    Tyres were all done just before lockdown started.

  • Thule Wingbars worth the premium over box section Halfords?

  • Kia ev6 gt…..I like this!

    585bhp awd, kinda makes a mockery of fossil fuelled performance cars now doesn’t it?

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  • Until it enters a corner.. half a ton heavier than a C63s estate?

    Edit.. just realised it's not an estate.. a ton heavier than an Alfa qf

  • Of course dynamically they’ll never be a match, I should have said power wise, they’ve fairly effortlessly hit big numbers for family carriers.

  • I just watched the Jonny smith review of this , admittedly not the GT , but he’s probably my favourite reviewer … he likes it .
    Kia and Hyundai are streaks ahead of the mainstream ‘luxury’ brands in EV i think , but it’s a different price point .
    But like Skoda did , they’ve managed to change people’s perceptions .

  • Weight is important - my E63 and C2 both record basically the same time around the Nurburgring, with the E63 having close to twice the power.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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