Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • No.

    But why wouldn’t you just estimate accurately, pay a slightly higher monthly fee and a lower balloon? It’ll all come out the same in the end…

  • Very high mileage currently which will hopefully be coming down soon)

  • Just back from a 1900 mile roadtrip around the highlands in the golf, its absolutely filthy on the outside.

    After my terrible experience with the local hand car wash, does anyone have any recommendations for ‘valet’ places in the SE/Croydon? ok on price if they take their time and do a good job. I dont want to buy all the shit to do it at home.

    are waxes etc worth paying the extra for? wont be doing long trips for a while so some sort of extra layer while it gets used around town for the next few months seems appealing if it actually works.

  • I understood you would be fined whatever cost per additional mile they set out in your contract, even if you were buying it out at the end.

    That was the case when I bought a RS Clio trophy on pcp in 2016.

  • No personal experience (I bought all the shit to do it at home) but I would say that paint protection is a good idea - Wax, silicon or ceramic coatings. It is about protecting the paint from the dirt, not about keeping it clean.

    See if you can find a sensible mobile detailer and if you can commit to washes / maintenance every 2 months then you get good advice on the best option.

  • Today on the way back home we got shunted - a leadfoot dickhead with a 5 week old license in a 3 series drop-top managed to hit the back of a fully stopped flatbed lorry hard enough to push the lorry into us. No huge damage but bumper and boot are definitely a write off.

    Jokes on him. His car will be written off and it will be 10 years before his insurance premiums enter the realm of "affordable."

    His insurance provider was a very, very difficult customer of mine at a previous company and caused endless headaches.

    cracks knuckles

    pops neck

    I'm ready.

  • Sorry to hear that.

    Hope you’re all unhurt. Cars can be replaced.

  • Yeah, we're fine. Son a bit shaken but that will pass.

    You know my background. I am not unfamiliar with these things.

  • AFAIK you pay the mileage excess whatever but may be wrong. Got stung for £1500 last car I handed back, note to self if I do it again to have a better stab at my annual mileage!

  • Glad you’re all ok.

  • Yikes. Glad everyone’s ok.

    Hope everything is straightforward with insurance.

  • I've just paid the balloon payment on my PCP and can confirm that no shits were given about how many miles were on the car, or how many gates my wife had driven into.

    For the record, 32,000 miles, one gate and one innocent bystander's car in the car park at the gym. Tbf to my wife, she did leave a note.

    [Edit] it makes no sense that there would be a charge for excess mileage if you pay the balloon payment and keep the car. The mileage limit (as well as all the other clauses about fair wear and tear etc) are there purely to protect the "guaranteed minimum future value" in the event that you hand the car back.

  • Need a tyre pump for the car as my foot pump died randomly today. Which is a bit annoying

    I have a mistrust of the electric ones, but is that daft?

  • I bought the basic ryobi cordless one, the gauge was for decoration only in my experience - massively different to the measurement on my analogue gauge.

    I returned it and bought the next version up that's an inflator / deflator and that one is bang on the same as my analogue gauge. It's been really good for doing the pressures on the rally car at events and stuff.

    TL:DR - Buy one but check the reviews before you buy and maybe get a decent analogue gauge separately for checking

  • Yeah I have a digital compact inflator. Runs off the car batt and v easy to operate. Literally set the PSI and go. I would say get a mid sized one as they all use the same system. Basically an electric air compressor. That way it will take less time to inflate...

  • My fucking BMW broke down at 11:40 last night on the way home from Bristol Airport. Fucking basa

  • My fucking BMW broke down at 11:40 last night on the way home from Bristol Airport. I got in at 3:30am Fucking basa is on its last warning


  • I'm driving from East London to NW Wales tomorrow - in my little Clio 182.

    Should I just go with Googles suggested route, or are there any magnificent driving roads that aren't too far a deviation?

  • Water pump - classic bimmer. I’ve had 2 go on me.

  • Where abouts in NW Wales is your destination?

    Google’s route will take you a dull yet fastest A-B route.

    If you’re heading out from London?
    I’d head A40 to Gloucester, then drive to Monmouth on the A4136.
    From there go to Abergavenny where you can get on the A 479 to Builth Wells…

    Where you go from there depends on your end point?

    The A44 road from Llangurig to Aberystwyth is stunning and a great drive though

  • If you’ve not driven much in Wales?
    They are fucking keen with mobile speed camera vans.

  • Yeah I figured as much. That or thermostat.

  • Is it an engine out job to change it? Since watching Hoovie I realise I probably don't need an old BMW in my life... 💸

  • Testing....

  • Bike setup looks interesting, fixed 3speed SA? Do you TT on it?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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