Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Thanks. Obviously I’m not London based. Can you pay for an additional vehicle?

  • Nope. It’s pretty hardcore but also a bit necessary as congestion/pollution is mental enough, let alone actual parking spaces. It’s always a nice surprise visiting other parts of the country and you can pretty much park wherever you want and not spending 45 minutes going 200m down Romford road.

    Basically, cars in London are just a massive pain in the arse. I managed to not need one for the first 30+ years of my life here but had a kid and suddenly doing anything outside ever became tricky without one.

  • Sounds like a nightmare. Where I am we have minor issues with parking. Most houses have three cars and a lot have only parking for two in the drives. Honestly, we couldn’t survive with one car though. Children who turn into adults get cars and that adds to the number. One house round the corner has six cars - big family and they paved their front garden for parking.
    London has public transport and that’s what we lack and I’m an shift worker so even if there was transport, it likely wouldn’t work for me.
    Thanks for the info - it is rather interesting (to me). Have a great evening.

  • Cars ageing well #837: 1 Series, the first version, especially the 3 door hatchback., the E81. In the right spec and colour it still looks sharp, poised and nicely proportioned.


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  • Don’t know about others, but Islington is one per resident. You can have more vehicles but only one is allowed to be parked in the borough at a time.

    Unless you live somewhere with planning permission approved in the last few years, because then you’re entitled to zero cars.

  • This is all news to me. I am very surprised and, I think, somewhat shocked.

  • I managed 14 on the A10 the other day. The traffic lights helped though - bunched up the cars in front before a long straight.

  • You guys really are very confident everyone else checks their mirrors before pulling out for their own overtake.

  • Yeah, forgot to mention that. If you live in a new build, no car.

  • I managed 14 on the A10 the other day. The traffic lights helped though - bunched up the cars in front before a long straight.

    In general I'm starting from ~40mph

  • Mexico City has an interesting policy which is something like cars with even/odd numbers on their reg are only allowed to drive on alternate days of the week. Always thought that was cool but then someone just pointed out that people who can afford it just buy two cars.

  • Or lose the PRIVELEDGE of being on the road.

  • Yeah and when they go wrong the expense is more than the car is worth.

  • I think they also do this in Paris at times of very low air quality.

  • Lol. Someone always finds a way out!!!

  • And don't forget the blind spot!!

  • As if planning and parking actually talk to each other.

  • Ah the crit air system.

    It is great as public transport becomes really cheap.

  • Yeah that was tried a few times in Europe. Same thing happened.

  • Last time I checked in Waltham Forest you could get a resident's permit for 2nd car but it was much more expensive than the first car. Or maybe that was before they changed it to emissions based.

    Is it one per person now? I guess as our car is registered to mrs, I could get another one if needed?

    Hoping to avoid 2nd car but occasionally get tempted by an interesting thing or electric.

  • Does anyone have any upholsterer recommendations? I have found some after market options to recover my seats in leather but would need them installed by a professional. I am in SE but willing to travel for a sensible option.

  • I used Auto Audio in Park Royal, quality of their work is very good.

  • Thank you. I'll shoot them an email and see what they say.

  • If I buy a car on PCP and underestimate my miles, but pay the balloon payment at the end will I get fined for exceeding the mileage?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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