Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • My last trip to the VW specialists that work on my car had a similar era ('91?) MKII Sirocco in for window regulator work. It was immaculate. Garage kept, 32k on the clock in the most beautiful sea green. Exactly as the ones I lusted for BITD.

  • Maybe... I sold it in 2003... I still have the registration number on my current car, G6 DGO... I had it spaced as "G6D GO" 😎

    I'm going have to search for some pics now... loved that car

  • It was definitely a teenage dream car.

  • A true barge

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  • 4 wheel drive is pretty pointless unless you have all terrain tyres at the very least. Otherwise, it's just an improvement over FWD in snow, but a vast improvement over RWD in same.

  • Are you selling the E63?

    Asking for a friend ...

  • Each to their own, but I wouldn’t buy a Volkswagen let alone a diesel Volkswagen for personal use.
    Other sources are available but their corruption in the emissions scandal should not be rewarded.­en_emissions_scandal

  • If you wish to support this then so be it, but don’t forget what you are supporting.­interactive/2015/sep/23/volkswagen-emiss­ions-scandal-explained-diesel-cars

  • I would be, if I went for van life.

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  • Only know a little bit about the story, but did VW do anything worse than any other manufacturer?

    My cynical side says the story got so much traction because VW was pushing diesel into the US and competing with volume sales, rather than sticking to big petrol engined premium cars like the other German manufacturers.

  • VW released euro 6 vehicles that didn’t need adblu, via emissions manipulation which required others to follow their lead.

  • To be clear none are innocent, but vw seem to have led the way.

  • Ignoring all of that, a personal choice of a new diesel vehicle in a highly populated area seems a bit lacking.

  • And completely unnecessary, especially if buying new. Zipvan Transporters have been petrol for years. I’ve just got a petrol campervan (Citroen Dispatch).

    You can even buy fully electric vans in that size now.

  • Exactly, I feel as though I’m shouting into the void🤷♂️

  • Sadly VW Transporters were available with the TSI engine for one year, and then that option was removed.

    I'm open to the idea of other vans, I would sincerely prefer a petrol engine - or electric.

  • Unfortunately all manufacturers had to drop the less popular engines(read petrol) due to the need to retest their engines for the revised emissions standards and limited test availability, brought on by the manipulation of test results . Concentration is now on electric vehicles. None of the manufacturers currently have any interest in bringing petrol vans back to the market, as there has been historically so little demand.
    Wait 6 months and electric offerings will improve massively.

  • Do Ford Transits have a petrol offering these days?

    You will certainly get a huge amount more bang for buck with a Transit compared to T6.

  • Only a connect, if you’re lucky.

  • But so much more for your money transit versus transporter.
    I can help out at moment with Mercedes van deals if of interest.

  • Nothing equivalent in size to a LWB T6.1 that I can find.

  • I still didn't buy a petrol when i had the chance because of the towing capacity, there is a time and a place

  • Are modern diesels still really bad for PM2.5 and other emissions, euro 6 and DPF etc still not up to scratch? Is the greater MPG and stuff seen as insignificant compared to the air pollutants?

  • The 4 motion system is roughly equivalent to the Audi Quattro system in non rs models right? One annoying trait I find with mine is the low speed push through corners with a lot of lock ( roundabouts) it's like the worst understeer or almost like you are trying to turn with a locked diff. The other bad thing is it definitely uses a lot more fuel. Otherwise full throttle out of wet corners, frosty conditions, grassy hills are handled with ease. Mind you this is in an A4 Avant, not a van.

  • However well it works from new I can’t imagine any of it is going to age well. People will be routinely deleting or defeating it the same way they do DPFs and EGRs.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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