Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • So weirdly, if I put the reg in, it says 205 55 r16 W - not 225 50 r16, so I've got no idea what the OEM size tyres were. Or are you talking more about the speed rating?

  • All sorts of awesome 👏 (the BX 4x4)

  • i was talking about the speed rating. if they came out with those tyres, then you'd be fine. have a look in the door jamb

  • have a look in the door jamb

    Good shout! Cheers.

  • What age and what engine is yours?

    Are they generally solid mechanically and what are parts like to get hold of?

    You’re right about the price - it seems you can pick up an 05 car with ~100k on it for £2.8k which is peanuts.

  • have a look in the door jamb

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  • Taste and we've probably gone all pattern recognition with our brand sensitivity.. saying that I sort of fancy a CLA 45s shooting brake in banana yellow!

  • Local florist just bought this 220s, I like it a lot.

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  • They really are comfortable cruising barges and seem to have more presence than the comparable Saabs etc. Make absolutely certain that the clutch is good as half of the car has to be taken apart to replace it. Mrs B's was sold on to someone with the time and ability to change it for himself for this precise reason.

  • Klasse.

  • My dislike of German cars doesn't extend to that.. pure checkpoint Charlie chic

  • As long as your not putting run flat tyres on or anything you'll find the car will be nicer to drive on the 205/55 R16. Also, tyres are not the place to save coin. Some michelin or continental in that size will be good.

  • Though launching is fun; you can also just try turning the prop shaft by hand - if it spins.. walk away or get a decent discount and replace the sleeve (hoping it's the sleeve).
    Verified my P2 XC90s AWD this was having spent many hours surfing forums.

    By the way, if you do end up with a Volvo of P3 flavour then a VIDA DICE is a 100% must have. It enables you to basically do FULL Volvo diagnostics at home for the price that a single trip to have it plugged in would take. Gives you full step by step for everything - troubleshooting to resolving - and all wiring diagrams too!

  • Also, tyres are not the place to save coin.

    100%, 3 of the 4 summer tyres are basically new, they are however the cheapest of the cheap that were obviously thrown on to sell the car, so I’m putting a new set of Goodyear Efficientgrip performance 2s on. They’re about £60 a corner, fitted, but £110 for 225/55 r16 W(!). So seemed more than worth exploring other tyre sizes that would fit the rim.

  • . Holiday!

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  • Definitely worth swapping out. The should drive nicely on those Goodyears.

  • Thanks for that, you still got a bookmark?

    Its likely I'll get it, it's 1.5k so a great barge. The guy is getting it an mot and if it passes I think why not. Will do everything a 7k car will and I won't have to worry about it.

  • I wish! My dad had one of those Alfetta's
    Mines a lowly 916 GTV.

  • I had no idea there was so much money in flower sales

  • 2006, 2.4l naturally aspirated. Mine was just over £2k with ~100k. You could probably get a turbo version for £3/3.5k but 170hp is fine for overtaking tbh.

    Ive had a couple of issues with the suspension but after 100k its unsurprising. The local indy ive used hasnt had an issue getting parts. Engine and everything else has been flawless. Would reccomend

  • I’m a diesel Mondeo owner so 170bhp would do me.

    Drop me a message if you decide to sell next year.

  • Man does all the local bar mitzvahs road here, business appears to be blooming. Told me he used to have a 1950s Cadillac and the news of the world did an article on him exposing him as a North London gangster. He'd only just moved to this country, took it really badly. Got a good patter, nice guy #csb

  • Now that sounds funny peculiar.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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