Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Unfortunately the Balearic's r a bit of a mafia when it comes to car hire. :o$

  • No problem. I'm off to Mallorca in mid August - hopefully - and I did my usual thing when booking the car. Check Avis, Hertz, Europcar and Sixt and go with the cheapest. I can't remember which I went for, but it was a lot more than I expected - I usually go to Mallorca in late October/early November when you can get something decent for buttons.

  • Last time we went to Mallorca we rented through, we got a seat estate car from Record with no drama at all. Also used Wiber though them the year before and also had no problems.

    We got the additional insurance from

  • Apparently my car is ready, heading over to collect it this afternoon. Feels like I've not seen it for years.

  • Yes, did it for my Focus which only had 1 key. Timpsons will clone it cheaply. Check which branches can do it on their website

  • Yes all Mk1 C5s are hydraulic but they are such ugly blobs of 90s meh.

    Apparently Miles Nurnberger was design chief there at the time, before he ruined the looks of Aston Martins, which explains why that era of Peugeot and Citroën look so crap.

  • Saw this in tooting. Spoiler says John Boyega, which is intriguing?

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  • .

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  • They added a children's soft play area? Cool!

  • Lozzles

  • Looks like he's going to be in a film about F1. I suppose he needs to have some experience in a single seater.

  • Needs moah plastic balls.

  • They added a children's soft play area? Cool!

    No one else will have one, and when playing at the highest level that's the crucial thing.

  • Does it have the new engine in it?

    Or are we still a couple of seasons off that upgrade package?

  • This is just interior work. I’m not convinced we’re finished either as the bulkhead hasn’t achieved what I wanted, but we are getting closer.

  • Bulkhead as in the webbing sex cage?

  • Yarp

  • Anyone had a stone caught between brake pad and disc?

    500 miles ago changed the front discs and pads and have been fine, then yesterday driving to Keswick the front brakes started making an unholy noise and braking isn't as good. Inspecting the front left disc there's a deep groove on the otherwise brand new surface. Away with my partner's family so weighing up getting oily and busy with the very limited spanners I have, or taking it to a local garage.

  • If it is a stone, sometimes reversing with light brake application can dislodged the stuck stone.

  • Great suggestion, thank you.

  • This used to happen to police Omegas very often. As per @TRA 's suggestion but try it on a quiet straight road. Reverse to as high a speed as you are comfortable and brake lightly for as long as possible then brake hard at the very end. If you've been driving with a stone in for a while it might take a few goes to clear it. I don't know what calipers you have but 30 mins jacking it up and whipping the pads out might actually be quicker in the long run.

  • With a lower chance of inadvertent J-turn.

  • Anyone had a stone caught between brake pad and disc

    Not quite, had a stone between the metal shield and disc that took the main dealer to remove. It was the only thing that went wrong with the Suzuki Swift that my daughter uses in 5 years of ownership. This include summers in Provence and winters in the Alps. It was in France at the time and they didn't charge.
    Can recommend Swift's.

  • If an stylish j-turn, with 0 fatalities in Keswick highstreet happens, whilst clearing the issue I'll take it. Might wait till tomorrow when the roads are slightly quieter and head to some industrial units if there are any round here.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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