Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • The torch is still there!

  • If there's ever a car for opening the window, resting your elbow on the sill and grasping the door frame above, that's it.

    Amusingly illegal in Australia if I'm not mistaken. So, that's a solid nope. 🤷🏻♂️

  • Parts are ok, it's finding mechanics that don't roll their eyes is the issue.

  • Well that's that image destroyed. You are right, apparently illegal to have any part of the body outside of a moving vehicle.

  • Same as the UK then.

    Hydraulics are surprisingly simple and logical. People forget that the hydraulic fluid needs to be changed regularly as it is open to air

  • #lilvanx4lyf

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  • Even has wind deflectors..

  • Restomod bumperless Ovlov spotted today, still one of, if not the best looking estate/shooting brake ever made IMO.

  • That's amazing.

  • Had all the chrome seams removed too.

  • *swoon*

  • It stopped me dead in my cycle tracks, with wow noises and everything :)

    Also can't remember if I posted this already, but spotted this spotless Granada Coupe in Bristol recently. I have a guilty love for these. Coloured centred hubcaps matching the car paint sounds like Noddy's car, but just work here.

    Reminds me of the classic old Merc estates that did it too.

  • Best Merc hub caps. Used to see those a lot BITD. The red and greens looked equally good. But the Champagne Mercs were best.

  • Part of me doesn't love seeing classics that heavily customised these days but that does look really good. Frenched in lights are a nice touch, fingers crossed those front wings never get pranged.

  • That’s the tits. It would be diesel and have stacks here. And possibly be a bit Trumpy.

    Can you buy the new Suzuki Jimny’s over there?

  • Spotted up the road from me. The Ratchero!

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  • Can you buy the new Suzuki Jimny’s over there?

    Yeah, but they're mega-pricey for what is essentially a very cute little 4WD... Saw a beautiful square body F100 pick-up yesterday, in really great shape too... Made me do a little sex wee...

  • Thinking of a car and something with 4x4 and light off road driving. So came back to outback.

    Which engine and gearbox is best? Cheers

    As much as I'd love a Nissan patrol the outback is a lot more sensible, and cheaper 2nd hand.

  • Define light off roading? For anything beyond a rutted gravel track the stock tyres, ride height and underbody protection are not enough on the outback.

  • Yeah rutted Gravel mountain roads.

    4x4 here just seem more money. Though the jeep grand cherokee is better. I'd get a 4x4 if I didn't have yo pay inflated prices. Sadly mitsubishi delcia are silly money.

    I want something reliable, low maintaine

  • Would have thought Forester more suitable for this than Outback. Outback is a great motorway car. Forester has a bit more ride height.

  • Yes you're right, I wasn't thinking.

  • Saw a Galant wagon on the motorway the other day. Aged well imo

  • Absolutely. Tempter here Would look great with bikes on top. And it isn't Audi, Merc or BMW

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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