Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • As a non car person need some advice.
    We test drove 2 2018 Golf SE Navs on saturday from two dealers and bought one of them.

    The first one we test drove when I hit the nav button it came up with the 'service not available' message and when asking the salesman he was like 'oh yeah of course i just need to put the SD card in when we do the paperwork'.

    Same error in the second we test drove, and the one we ended up buying. But we didn't mention the nav message. The car was advertied online and sold on the invoice as the SE Nav model, but the dealership we bought from are now saying that it wasn't advertised with sat nav, SE Nav is just the model name.

    Now my understanding is the only difference between SE and SE Nav is that it has the SD card to enable the sat nav? So are they totally fobbing me off here? If so how do I word a strongly worded email telling them to sort it out.

  • Would bloody love a camper, grew up camping and don't really like hotels, weird sterile places. Would hardly ever sleep in it but would be ace to go out for the day and make a cuppa and a sarnie instead of sitting on the floor staring at the brake discs.

  • From a review; The only thing you’ll likely want is factory sat-nav, which means opting for SE Nav trim

    Sounds like they're talking out their arses

    Tell them satnav is standard equipment on SE Nav and to stop being bellends.

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  • Looks as if you may be able to get the satnav working for the cost of an SD card, but still you’ve got to wonder why it was removed.­drivers/my-car/how-to-guides/sat-nav

  • hm, will try it, wonder if it is going to expect a pre-flashed VW SD card however

  • I’d just get the dealership to give me what I paid for

  • I'd just use my phone. Built in Sat Nav is wank wank wank.

    Or get an after market Android Auto head unit.

  • Unless it has HUD. In which case use the built in one.

  • I’d not worry about built in satnav but I would be investigating how to upgrade it to Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

  • Yeah had a gander at that. Less than 2 weeks when fault occurred. Have had to wait just over a week for garage slot to get it looked at. So well within 30 days.
    Satisfactory quality / fit for purpose ; I’d expect the (probable) engine mounts failing and a duff TFT display to cover that off.
    I messaged the dealer today - they have no email listed so had to go iMessage - and I’ve not had an acknowledgment or response to my request for an email to send this pictures to. This bodes well hey.
    They also have my PX for sale - so if I rejected the vehicle I’m expecting them to try and make me take it back. That’ll be fun….

  • @mashton

    it has carplay, and thats what ill be using, but i also want what i thought id paid for

  • Agree built in sat nav is horrendous generally.

  • VW built-in sat nav is about as wank as wank gets.

  • I can understand this. I used to pay to update the Aston’s Volvo-based satnav even though it was shite and thought Clerkenwell was in Dorset. But once I had CarPlay I never ever used it.

    Maybe letting it drop would be the lower stress option

  • Yep or a substantial amount of cash off as not as advertised.

  • Car prices are bonkers right now. Webuyanycar are offering £250 less than what I paid for the car 2 weeks ago.
    So that gives me another option I guess… 🤷🏻♂️
    Warranty > Reject > Sell.

  • Volvo-based satnav

    If this was the same as in my mk1 XC90 I never even bothered making the screen pop up. Very 2002 and not very user friendly.

  • The built in nav (COMAND) is ok, but had no traffic density routing- but I can add that back in by renewing the subscription, which also updates the maps.

    I do tend to use my iPhone, although I hate it when it sends me on a backroads wiggle and will ignore it if I realise that’s what it’s doing ahead of commitment to said route.

    The inbuilt nav is handy when you have no data reception though- quite possible to navigate to somewhere with your phone, then be unable to plot the next section of your route due to lack of connection.

  • The inbuilt nav is handy when you have no data reception though

    You can download really big areas (like, whole countries) of google maps locally to your phone to avoid this, they take up surprisingly little space also. I think 'offline maps' are in your profile area of the app.

  • The only decent contemporary integrated satnav I’ve used was in a Tesla. Everything else is a relic compared to smartphone maps.

    The only advantage to built-in systems is that they can use dead-reckoning via inputs from wheel & steering sensors to continue navigating when satellite signal isn’t available... Which is handy if you spend your days driving through the tunnels between the Faroe Islands I suppose.

  • If it's got carplay then I'd be pushing for a refund of the difference between the lower non nav model and yours.

    Or you know, just leave it, because sometimes being right is not worth that dealer living in your head rent free.

    Not meant to be patronising, I say that because I know I have a tendency to push and push for the right thing when the monetary value is a lot less than the fucking stress I end up putting myself through.

    Leaving a negative review of the dealer, and outlining that you did try and get this rectified, you're not just reviewing without speaking to them, might be the right amount of cathartic.

  • One for the Porsche fans...

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  • Horrendous.

    Those rear lights have ruined it.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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