Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Is there a positive terminal and or negative terminal, separate to the battery in the engine bay? These are there to help jumpstart a flat battery if you can't reach the terminals.

  • bought a 2018 golf 1.4 tsi, not very exciting, but prefer it to the V40 which was our alternative.

    lovely drive back up the M26 after melting on the way there in our airconless 56 plate micra.

  • These have aged well, always thought it was better looking than an Elise and 20 years later still think it does. Nice condition this one too, looks loads of summer fun. Vauxhall VX220.

  • Plus bonus Panda 100hp!

  • Not for the passenger ;)

  • spot on dude. Has aged very well

  • Stupidly said no to buying a mates last of the last version (think it was yellow though) about ten years ago for not a lot of money, wow have they changed in price! Never got to drive it but went on a few trips with him, much preferred to the s2000

  • Friend has the 2.2na and we have discussed a track day, when he is back in the country and I have finally finished the the MR2 engine swap. So we can swap between the two to compare and contrast.

    Actually were you comfortable as a passenger in a vx?

  • I spent a bit of time in various VX220s that we sold when they were current. Never had any issues with comfort. They were obviously very much like the Elise that they were based on. Found those pretty comfortable on decent journeys too.

  • Yeah was fine, i'm the most medium sized person though, 75kg, medium height, medium of %ile limbs, medium hands, so pretty much everything fits me.

    Was no 7 series LUX, but you wouldn't expect it with that type of car. Was pretty well insulated for sound and wind from memory, think the vauxhall version had quite a different interior to an Elise (don't think I've ever seen in an Elise to compare though), carpets were actual carpet and not that 3mm thick on a roll sticky back stuff you get in kit cars.

  • Thanks. The community as well as the simpleness are big parts of the appeal.

  • Actually not a bad shout. But I'm not going to stretching tyres onto dished rims or making it pop n crackle.

    I drive a 6 speed mk6 gti. it's lower mileage (55k miles). I've had it for 5 years. I lowered it slightly and spaced it out slightly.

    the handling is better than the power which is what you want. I can't remember what it was like before I stiffened it up. it's great now.

    highly recommend.

    ramdom photo:

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  • Gahhhhhhh.

    So that’s engine mount and tft now. I’ve only had it 2 weeks 😩😩

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  • Do police ever pull over modified vehicles for type approval infringements? E.g. stupid loud exhausts which serve no purpose other than to disturb people's peace and quiet of an evening?

    I've just written to the deputy mayor for policing and crime to find out.

  • that's what I suspected...

  • Anyone here rejected a dealer (indy ltd) purchased car before?

    I'm getting cold feet having had the above and a very severe clunk when starting and then changing direction or accelerating/decelerating which it's going in for this Thursday. This dealer is going to spit out his tea if it's a vacuum engine mount that's gone and now a £800 TFT display that can't be bodged/fixed without Volvo involvement (software).
    Do I just cut and run with my money and for a 10% top up just get a Volvo Selekt approved car? None of the above is really my problem and having dropped £28k i really don't want or need the stress.
    And if I do... how the hell do I do it?!

    One point: it's our only wagon. So I need a reliable car as it's for keeping the family moving and we're fairly rural here. Either way it'll be another XC90... because #️⃣volvo4lyf.

  • For loud exhausts (above 70 something dB) , yes and there are even apnr noise cameras.


  • Thanks. That's pretty much what I'm after. I'm just fighting the "everyone gets a golf" effect. Even though it's pretty much perfect. I need a reasonably safe, reasonably practical, reasonably fun, and reasonably affordable car = golf GTI.

    Yours is very clean. I do like the understated look.

  • It's nice to take this out once in a while.

    Side stripes, boot surround decal & a headliner away from being finished.

    Needs lowered.

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  • Oof, nice. Original paint?...

  • That’s lovely.

  • This should tell you everything you need to know... all comes down to the definition of 'satisfactory quality' / 'fit for purpose' and how long you've had it already...

  • Thanks!

    Nope - I reckon the paint is around a year old now. The car underwent a pretty thorough restoration just before I bought it, as a 95% finished project.

  • Well as I have my bias, so IMO they are great cars.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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