Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • So Longleat is the new Brockley and Frome is the new Catford? Makes sense.

  • Continuing the blinging up of the old panda.

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  • It is Friday and some one sent me a link to this mini turbo on the 'bay,
    was the inspiration project binky?
    Got to love the matching trimmed doors

    The turbo engine

    The beast

  • Buy it. The smile will never leave your kids faces.

    They did enjoy the test ride. Especially playing around with PA system.

  • I'm going to fit a 20vt in a mini
    Will it fit?
    Yeah, sure it'll fit...

  • A month's worth of things for a 5 month old baby and 2 adults in the boot of the Volvo for when we went to Puglia.

    It all fit in the boot, nothing in the cabin unless we wanted it to be.

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  • Check your paint/bumpers if painted very carefully from various angles. You'll find they are probably flexed beyond what the paint can manage, so might now have dozens of small cracks in it = over the next 1-6 months all the paint will flake away. Seen it happen loads, especially on older cars where the paint is already hardened/been repainted in the past.

    Hire car I had the other day got hit in a similar way, literally looking out the window and just saw someone dint right into it, then slowly pull forward and just drive off. Now if it was an owned car would have reported it, however because its a hire, its my fault and my cost all the way until proven otherwise, and even then, will be costs lumped on me. Checked it closely and damage was super mild. But still, fed up with the dishonesty of people, could have potentially (and still might get a bill from hire co) a lot of cost put to me for someone elses mistake, over and over again. Le Sigh.

  • Need some gtechniq C4 on that rear trim before dammit see's

  • Tbf to me, that was about a month after I bought it from him!

    It looks worse now, I've got Carbon Collective Platinum Trim to go on, but I keep running out of time when I wash the car.

    Been contemplating a fully portable pressure washer, driving backwards and forwards to the local petrol station with a pressure washer is doing my nut in.

    I intended to just get the paint machine polished but in the time I've owned the car, it has picked up an annoying amount of dings and dents so I'm off to a paint shop on Monday to get a quote. Obviously there's many places that are very good, but this particular guy has done a couple of mates' cars recently and the paint has been incredible, and I think I'll get a slightly favourable rate.

    Ryan's AE86­opy_link

    Ash's E46 M3­?utm_medium=copy_link

  • The car definitely will be for sale this year unfortunately so if you're interested, PM me.

  • ULEZ? Or something exciting on the way?

  • Colour co ordinated intercooler will work well.

  • Also...

  • Keep spotting a guy gadding around Cambridge in an Autozam AZ-1, probably smaller than some of the cargo bikes around here!

  • I would post my things in boots pic but it's basically overflow due to lack of storage in the house (a few jackets, wellies, blankets, bag of cement, gone hard)

  • If it doesn’t stop raining soon , there’s a good chance I’ll complete car SOS and wheeler dealers ... then what ?

  • WBAC will give me £25,730 for my E63, which would mean that (excluding petrol) it's cost me ~£2,500 since I bought it. Yes, I'm still not getting on with the seats.

  • Motorway offered a much better price for my e220d earlier this year, although I didn't take them up on it.

  • £26,896 from Motorway, thanks!

  • are slightly different to WBAC and have an auction system where car dealers bid for your car.

    My final price for my RR Velar last year was £5.5k more than the initial estimate when inputting my number plate….

  • Bangers and Cash, Yesterday Channel and SuperfastMatt on YouTube where he's converting a 1950 Jaguar Mk V to Tesla power and some other projects.

  • Interesting- are you guaranteed the minimum, or is it whatever is bid?

  • Whatever is bid. But you’re under no obligation to sell.

  • I’ll look them out ... cheers

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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