Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • ah the old EKD. fair enough dude. guess we are all trying to sort that in our own ways.

  • 50 mph in seventh gear with no roof-rack= very good MPG.

    Somewhat faster than that with a roof-rack and two bikes on said appurtenance= not so good.

  • My average is showing as 16mpg. 20-30 mph along the A23 when there is no traffic is usually about 35mpg. But the percentage of time that is possible vs the time sat going nowhere/crawling forward a space or two is pretty low. I also have a roof box and bike rack perma-attached to the roof bars due to no logical storage space for them yet. But then the speeds I am doing are not likely to mean those will have much of an impact.

    I would love a cargo bike and to be taking her to the childminder that way, but ms_com also wants to be involved in drop offs (she does not cycle, at all) and soon the same journey will be taking ms_com to the train station to go to the office (not comfortable bussing it yet).

  • Ah quite the history. I can see why someone went through the trouble of trying to recreate that paint. A very special car!

  • On that Note. Someone reversed into my car while leaving their parking the other night. What are The odds of me standing in the window with my phone at the same time? I was shocked when they reversed about 2 meters and just straight into my car w/o hitting the brakes. I didident get The actual crash but when i saw i took out my camera and one can still here a sound from when the cars seperate as they pull away.

    Dident even brother to check for damages and were in a hurry to get away :/ the moral of ppl these days..

    Damages to my car look pretty limited. But a few scratches etc plus i also got to get it checked out properly i guess as it wasent just a nudge.

    Think i need to repaint the front spoiler section. Is it possible to match a 30 year old antracit / Grey / black a 100%? If not or likely Will be a difference its likely not worth trying to get it painted unless they do the whole car..

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  • XL bike in back of a V70. First time I could ever get a bike in without taking the wheels off.

    We ran one from 90k up to 130k. Cost us tyres and pads. 185bhp 2.4 D5 is pretty solid engine. Swirl flap arm likes to disconnect, but we just lefts ours open and it never threw an EML. Gen 2 V70s most parts are stamped with Ford Motor Co, thus servicing is pretty reasonable. Running it’d do 35mpg usual back and forth (no commute) and push mid 40s on a long run.
    Traded the V70 in for a XC90 with the same engine but this time 200bhp (still single turbo) and that too has been a charm. Sub 30mpg everywhere on that though thanks to brick like characteristics and awd.
    Which brings on on to the latest car. Having run the XC90 for 2 years and taking only a £1500 hit on the price paid (yey! COVID!) we’ve just committed to purchase a 2015 Gen 2 XC90. Which is an absolute dream of a car. Might even get 40mpg out of it having dropped a cylinder! 🥳

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  • The one I've just been to look at is a 2004 2.5 R version, AWD, 300bhp, imported from Japan. I won't be doing a lot of miles but it's gonna be drinking 50% more fuel than anything else I look at at least... as well as more expensive insurance and list price

    But it's enormously long! Nearly 2m from front seat to back door!

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  • Please consider something more eco if you can.

  • Please consider something more eco.

  • Please say it has an orange interior?! 😍

  • Sure. The ego rationale is that we'd use it way less than the wanker who'd buy it if we don't....

  • Do you like being warm when you drive? There will be lots of road noise, not even sure they can go over 50mph with out being shaken to bits. Don't plan on getting anywhere fast.

    Chasis rot, engine/gearbox/diffs leak oil, check the bulkhead as they rot.

    What are parts supply like locally?

    Also why not. If it doesn't work out you can always flog it on.

  • So some lovely person has scratched my car. Really enjoying car owner life so far 😐. I think you can get light and deep scratches - what are my options for getting this fixed?

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  • This looks like a pretty nice Volvo estate to get...

  • ... but anyway I've just put down a deposit for a Mondeo. It's as long inside and a lot more sensible, if less exciting

  • Gonna get some flack for this, but I quite like the look of that version of Mondeo. Bit of a normcore dad vibe if it's not the basic spec.

  • Quite the history is an understatement. I'm more thinking why would you return the car to the original colour not want to keep the paint work as original as possible, as the majority of the financial/music history is that unique Janis paintjob.

  • Nothing beats a V70 for normcore dad vibes as far as I've seen!

    But I did get the Mondeo in silver for added anti-cool

  • my dad had one of these (in that colour) when i was younger. csb. looks-wise they have aged very gracefully imo, but the fuel consumption was insane apparently

  • What engine did you get? Ford estates did get alot better after buying volvo and copying the good bits. Moondog forums are good as there are quite a few common issues with things that go wrong and how to fix them.

    Also make sure you get the correct number of keys with the key with the programmable fob so you can program new fobs to the anti theft ECU.

    If you are really bored, this can get you the cars build details: Ford build details

  • It's the ~140 bhp 2 litre, Zetec

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  • Has the scratch gone through the clearcoat? If so the clearcoat can be touched up and then polished. If the scratch has gone through the clearcoat then getting the scratch dealt with will be harder.

  • Yeah I think so - sprayed with soapy water and it didn't disappear like Youtube said it would

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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