Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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    Just saw you don’t want subtle, so ignore me.

  • Once the marketing side of this is done I want the car to be as subtle as possible - ideally the only way I want people to know that it's something slightly out of the ordinary is that it's running at GT3 ride height and it's got yellow callipers with carbon-ceramic discs (visible through the wheels, if you know what you're looking at). And, of course, the noise it makes.

  • Why aren’t HGV’s more aerodynamic? I’ve often wondered why the cost/impact of pushing a frontal area the size and shape of a vertical snooker table isn’t mitigated.

  • speaking of shit aerodymanics, what you all need is one of these!


  • Ha. Saw one today and thought of you dude!

  • Wait, what I am I doing in this thread?

  • Because they’re built to a maximum legal length and maximising payload maximises efficiency.

  • They need to be brick shaped so that they fit in the smallest space possible when required to do so. If the cab was shaped like a bullet train that would be a waste of space.­/2021/05/164140.gif

  • I think soul nailed it with the speedster look. [your logo here] as the roundel and [company name here] in place of the Porsche logo. Judicious application of colour and it would be visible, but classy.
    Or a glitter wrap for the Knightsbridge market.

  • fans of Ogmios zen school of driving!

    I just got a TFL advert by him on YouTube too - first advert (ever?) I've not skipped!

  • He's getting a BBC3 slot innit.

  • Just to cross the streams and infuriate the maximum number of people, this would be simple, visually arresting, and 100% wrong:

    Why would it be so wrong? How about the yellow bonnet/wing stripe colour matched to your brake calipers, and either H2E or H2Engineering in the same yellow on the doors - H2E in the corner or in front of the rear wheel arch if you want to be slightly more understated, H2Engineering across the door bottom with pinstripes or swooshes if you want to be bolder.

    Sure, it doesn't need the E-Type's roundels.

  • That makes sense. Find it hard to believe that that there’s not a more Efficient profile possible within that footprint tho.

    Edit: professor google led me here:­c.asp?h=0&f=23&t=993558&i=20

  • A commercial vehicle seed fund opportunity just popped up in my email. Not more aero but tryna deal with the fossil fuel problem.­soon

  • @Dammit

    You could do something around the Tic Tac theme with the green tic tac pattern and perhaps a bit of gold.

  • I think low loaders are teh future.

    Soming like Aliens but more ergonomic...

  • The Martini livery was traditionally applied over a silver car (sometimes a white car), which is why I was thinking of that, but I'm struggling to find any examples of it looking good.

    A modern take on the Martini livery could work well but it's been done a few times before. The RSR original had silver bumpers similar to your car. The RWB jobby is a bit crap but this white example is nicely executed.

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  • But i prefer this 911R for simple bold graphics

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  • There can only b wan.

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  • As you like chucking money at things, why not consult a marketing or creative design agency? There must be some motorsport specific ones that will help create an actual identity for your brand rather than just fobbing off some retro race livery.

  • I think you're (by possibly several orders of magnitude) over-estimating the money available here.

  • Do you like terrace wear?

  • Such a great car. Front engined 7 litre V12. Supporting them at Le Mans was a bit like supporting tha Toon. You started off with hope in your heart, but in reality it was just a question of when disappointed arrived. They sounded glorious though. Albeit not necessarily for very long.

  • Well my trusty (and old, very old) Passat died this morning...thinking of replacing with a 61 plate civic (or therabouts) anyone on here got any advice or history with them?

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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