Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • Oh that reminds me, here's something vaguely funny.

    A photographer, Will Beach, shot some photos of Headie One for an article on Highsnobiety in 2019 and he picked the estate I live on as the location. Anyone who follows me on Instagram and watches my stories will know it's quite a popular shoot location, I assume because directors and photographers think it's gritty looking, which I find ironic because it's actually a pleasant and family vibe council estate. One of the pictures in the shoot was in front of my MX5, not sure why, but OK, so my MX5 has been on Highsnobiety since 2019 on this article about Headie One.­e-interview/

    Now, some TikTok creator has made this video, which I think is 100% incorrect on all counts, but I found it amusing.

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  • Did you do the pedal swap in the end?

    Not found the time yet, and also not 100% convinced that's the root cause which has stayed my hand somewhat.

  • The stupid design-by-committee scowling sinister headlight expression completely ruins it for me. Reminiscent of Max Power barry boys putting slanted electrical tape over their Novas’ headlights to make them look ‘bad boy’.

    Most new cars look like they want to stab you; understandable on a jumped-up Audi RS3 or similar, but misplaced and ridiculous on a ‘Defender’ imo. As someone else said, these will age very badly.

    I still think the original pre-twinkly-LED-facelift black-plastic-trim Discovery 3 is a masterful, timeless example of modern, utilitarian styling.

  • 100% agree on the disco.

    [Alan Partridge voice] It's the thinking-man's Defender.

  • 100% this - my punto is still wildly uncomfortable due to the flat seat and offset and cramped pedals but raising the seat (instead of moving it back) has made things bearable for up to an hour.

  • scowling sinister headlight expression

    And the rest of the grille - so many shapes and lines, looks fucking stupid.

  • Liquid personal transport.

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  • Sorry bit late, but for all the Nissan Micra/March love.

  • Oh this one is bloody brilliant, isn't it one of the chaps from JDM Distro who owns it? I bought my wheels for the R53 from them and I'll be getting on to them for a number of parts for the Forester build (seats and wheels predominantly). Incredible shop with probably the best selection of JDM wheels in Europe (maybe the world?)?

    Anyway, I've seen this one in the wild a few times and it always brings a smile!

  • Mini clubman on steroids vibes

  • I was in a drive through queue recently, and the car adjacent had Iron Man helmet details on the wheel hub covers, and on the wings.
    Turns out this is a Hyundai factory model option, apparently it also has "Tony Stark's signature" on the dashboard.

    The icing on the cake was the cunt plate he had on it, ST08 ARK.

    Man must love his comics (although I am not too sure he was heavily associated with any Korean car manufacturer in any run I've read)

  • Lol, there's one of those locally. Always wonder if they actually wanted it or if it was just heavily discounted.

  • heavily discounted

    Got to be. Although judging by some peoples' mods maybe not.

    When I was at uni a mate's dad was weighing up whether to get his new car in lime green as it was a grand or two cheaper. He loved a bargain, but couldn't face it. Conversely I know a gentleman farmer who bought a dealer demo FFRR in some sort of hideous yellow colour because he dgaf about a "work" vehicle.

  • Yeah it's owned by Neil who works at JDM Distro and runs Juicebox. Think they are in Waterford. One of the few automtive youtube channels that I enjoy.

  • My first thought was heavily discounted, but the fact they spent money on a personalised number plate means they went out of their way to make it worse.

  • Beat me to it. I know the videos haven't gone down too well when I've posted them in the past but glad they have some fans!

  • Weirdly I've yet to get into Juicebox properly but I do love Albo, JDM Masters and Nightride. There are so many good channels for modified cars these days and some great builds going on!

  • Great moment driving home earlier. Saw a black 850i up ahead, and slowed right down to get a look, the driver clocked me and had a massive grin on his face. Such a cool looking car. Shame it was stationary in traffic, would have loved to hear the v12. Also, they're massive, lol.

  • I posted this a few pages back but I saw this for sale and reckon the purple paintjob is worth negative £500 at least

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  • Social media car influencer type referred to as "JWW", who dis?

  • the purple paintjob

    LOVE that. Tracking down the right colour would be a PITA were it to ever get scratched/dented though, right?

  • I know absolutely nothing so don't ask me. He says:

    Full respray in Lamborghini Viola Parsifae

    So maybe it's fine?

  • Returning to the wild.

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  • no one is doing the cringey landbrover thumb's up in those new defender fuckshows aicmfp.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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