Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • A great triptych into 3 people basically having exactly the same response.
    "Didn't we do well" :-O

  • I like this eclectic collection

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  • Amazing what can be considered an MOT advisory, glad I didn't wait for these to fail in the literal sense.

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  • As long as brake efficiency is there it is fine.

    Is it the rear disc on a front wheel drive car?

  • Always liked the shark like looks of the 635 csi, much nicer than the buck toothed beaver looks of the modern ones. Quite a rare sight these days but this is a nice one. The huge windows also stand out against modern cars and really make the whole interior so much lighter compared to newer versions.

    Also saw a Franken-mini that made me LOL.

  • The Clio has been in some pretty good company this week.

    Aux belt sorted for another 3 years - and I can rev again.

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  • Not for me.

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  • The steering wheels was violently juddering at anything over 40mph. I changed both fronts on an auto 4x4.

  • Also saw a Franken-mini that made me LOL.

    Definitely LOLsome. Definitely not road legal though.

  • I need to get Herman #2 off the winters and onto the summer tyres, he is all over the place under power now.

  • Wow, had that kind of degredation on rears on a front wheel drive as an advisory but never the front.

    Wondered what caused the brake surface to peel off like that as discs don't have surface hardening to peel off.

  • Corrosion, the surface rusts badly then when it overheats in braking operation it more or less breaks away. Usually seen on low mileage vehicles.

  • Always liked the shark like looks of the 635 csi, much nicer than the buck toothed beaver looks of the modern ones.

    Absolutely. Good spot!

  • Didn't Templeton 'face' Peck from the TV series A Team have a white 6 series?

    Do like the look of the e32/e23 7 series with the indicators giving the shark impression.

    EDIT funny that I remembered him driving the BMW for an episode while the corvette

  • Just spotted this in E17 just now no idea of model or if it’s a goodun or not but it sounded good when he set off just after I took the pic

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  • Roastery coffee shop in the old ticket office at Kew Bridge station.
    @NorthLondonLight and myself had a post-ride lunch.
    Notable we saw one each of the new electric Golf/VW id3,
    and the leccy Honda.

  • I really like Lotus excels, I think the shape has aged very well. The interiors, not so much. They seem pretty unloved in the classic car world, as far as values go, anyway.

  • Going to look at an XC60 on Thursday - never owned a car before. Anyone want to talk to me about insurance?

  • Get quotes before going. If you've never had a car and have no 'no claims' it might be very expensive. Any of the compare websites work. You can add other drivers who will use the car, which can bring the cost down.

    Most of the websites will let you save details so you can then just swap car plates for different quotes, saving time.

  • ^ this.

    No insurance history? Parking it in London? Parking it on the street?

    Prepare for £££££

  • Yeah, just got a quote. Not cheap :'(
    But a 2016 1.0 Golf is only 25% cheaper so think its just first car and London

    (Off street parking)

  • Shall we play who can claim the highest insurance premium they've ever paid. My first year in London was savage. On street in central.

  • Astra GTE. Central Manchester, stolen at least 3 times and written off.

  • 1989 - first insurance in my own name. New car came with 60% no claims offer - £880. VW Polo. Went to Scotland to see friends of my age - Orion 1.6 Ghia and Sierra 2.0s - they paid £175!

    Wife worked out £2200 was full premium.

  • 19 year old me had a 1.6 Peugeot 309 that I got from an auction for £350, first year third party only insurance was £1250.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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