Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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  • I was looking for a while, nearly bought a 2010. Joined the transit forum for some guidance and to do some reading up.
    Rust. They all rust and they get stolen.
    I bought a galvanised Sevel in Citroen guise

  • Talking of discos, spotted this yesterday

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  • Spotted this the other day and forgot to post it.

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  • Trying to help my mate fix his car. Does anyone know where I can get a replacement interior door handle to mechanism cable for a mk 4 golf driver side. Part number appears to be "PT FC6 1J3837085 E23/03" Only the one on ebay and its well used. I'd prefer a new pattern part i think.

    Is there a big VW Part emporium I should know about?

  • Try VW golf Facebook groups. Join the UK one with the most members, there’ll be people who break and sell on parts.

  • The part number you've posted doesn't follow the normal VW parts catalogue convention, Try these part numbers in your search instead:

    2 door - 1J3 837 085 E
    4 door - 1J4 837 085 F

  • Parked next to this beauty in the rain on Wednesday

  • They are tempting, but strong money for a good one these days.

    Somewhat tempted by the idea of a Japanese import.

  • because we are posting rare/fun bmws - this was parked at waitrose yesterday. apologies for portrait photo (put it on my instagram obv)

  • Wow, i though parking a £40k Z3 Coupe at the park & ride was a little excessive; doing the waitrose run in your £160k Z8 is a whole different level

  • oddly i saw a z3 coupe parked at aldi a month or so ago too. says a lot about the demographics of each supermarket...

  • I've had a Discovery 3 which required three engine rebuilds before getting a new engine.

    Aside from that I did actually love it...

  • That's very helpful. Thanks. I'll get my mate to have a look on FB for it as well. It's also obvious to me now why the one he had bought doesnt fit. He must have bought a 4 door one.

  • Very nice spot. I have only ever seen two Z8s in the metal. One in a driveway near Swiss Cottage, and one sawn in half in the James Bond cars exhibition in Covent Garden.

  • There used to be one (alpina no less) frequently parked on the street (!) by the ferry at sandbanks too.

  • On my 9-5 I have seen the likes of a mint black 288 GTO. (Maybe this had red trim)

    Also a DB5. Just going to Sainos loik.


  • good to see it getting used. lovely cars

  • Is this an Austin Healy?

  • an early 100, i think.

  • Just spent £25 on a new V5c for the Volvo so I can tax it, no doubt because I've done that, I'll find it before the new one turns up. Of course, now I've applied and paid for the new one, that one is invalid so I can't use it to tax the car if I find it.

  • And as an extra bonus, because it's got a tilting screen it means you don't need to have windscreen wipers fitted. Just adding lightness.

  • Just been to see the car to choose fabric colours and discuss rear storage area options.

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  • Ooh, dress up time... Lovely...

  • Yes, I think the 35" AT beadlocks will make it look extremely hench, without that off-road element I feel insufficiently masculine when driving it.

    The eminox stacks won't be to everyones tastes, but there you go.

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Car appreciation... the aesthetics, the engineering, etc

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